An old response to an anon ask re: how clothing falls on the torso.

Just like in martial arts, conveying power is a matter of chaining things together.

this one got a little "rest of the owl" but there's only so much I can fit into one square

If a pattern exists, we see the group before we see the individual parts.

In addition to having their own feel, colours have their own value (even comparing the same saturation and brightness)!

Imagine your strokes as moving over a 3D form!
(I probably could've illustrated the rendering brushstrokes example a bit better, but I find this really shows up in traditional media.)

I'm usually against hierarchies, but I'll make one exception.

No matter what they’re wearing, people will need to take a break sometime.

This one's an old response to an anon ask on Tumblr re: how I draw hair.

Little known fact: mr skeltal is a life drawing model in his spare time

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