Detail is tempting, but abstraction is cool too.

@Tangleworm your art tips are really cool, thanks for sharing!

@Tangleworm Yeah, I usually say that if you want to get good at drawing you should learn what not to draw.

@BenjaminBrinckmann My old drama teacher used to say, "only speak to improve on silence; only move to improve on stillness".

@Tangleworm That's a wonderful way of saying it. It's important to reflect upon the concept of emptiness that can create. Like 'the emptiness of a vase defines its purpose. Or how the spaces between the words can make a language.

@Tangleworm Just one more thing. I recently watched this (really good) tutorial video on shading from imagination:
There was one thing that was pointed out to me that I had never put into words myself. Namely, that texture is mainly visible in the area's between light and dark since the light hits here with a greater angle. I thought that was really helpful.

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