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Here's a brief description of my current project:
Pacifica is a fantasy adventure comic inspired by the Pacific Northwest. It currently follows a young man named Gavin as he travels to the city of Haven where he hopes to find an old friend.
You can read the comic at pacificacomic.com/

Pacifica - page 13 - 16. This catches everyone up with where the site is right now.

Diana knew it was true, but no one else seemed to know.
People talked about her. They said she was strange. Civilized people didn’t go into the woods unless they had to. There were strange things out there. Dangerous things.
Civilized people didn’t go out there, but Diana did. She knew the spirits were real. She felt it was important that other people knew too.

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Aaand last thing for now! I absolutely love the texture this rough cotton paper gives my watercolours. 😍

I figure I may as well post the full comic pages here. Pacifica - pages one through four. 🎨

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Belated birthday gift for machsabre​: a certain hard sci-fi magical girl from Stargazer Apogee. She’s sparkly!

There she was!
After all this time, there she was. Smiling. Friendly. Gavin said, “Hello,” and when she started to talk it was exactly like old times. Gavin suddenly felt complete and happy again.
Then he woke up.

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My favorite flower. I used to see these hiking in the woods all the time.

Younger version of a character that will eventually appear in the comic.

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Internet is nice for me because I sometimes have social anxiety really rough. Here I don't have to worry about someone coming over unexpectedly, or deal with angry checkout lines. And I can turn it off if I need to.

Just a quick sketch for an image that struck me. I'd like to work it into the comic somewhere.

Uncolored version of unfinished side story page.

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i like. never draw objects so i wanted to practice w/ my own gameboy i still have

Self-motivation doesn't guarantee you'll be successful, but it sure is a nice life skill to have even if you don't make it.