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Here's a brief description of my current project:
Pacifica is a fantasy adventure comic inspired by the Pacific Northwest. It currently follows a young man named Gavin as he travels to the city of Haven where he hopes to find an old friend.
You can read the comic at

How to summon Pacifica. Template courtesy of @HSpikings on Twitter. (

I shared all of chapter one on Bored Panda to see if I can get some new eyes on the comic. Check it out if you haven't read all of chapter one yet.

Pacifica is #60 on Top Web Comics! If you're enjoying the story give it a vote and let's see how high we can get it!

Gavin appears to be getting the help he needs in the latest page. Check it out now on Patreon and get additional bonuses as well.

I've uploaded all of chapter one to Imgur. If you haven't read the comic yet check it out.

$5 and up Patrons now have access to the two page story The Lone Hunter (Rough Draft 1). That's right, higher level patrons now get prose and can leave feedback! Read on Patreon or DL as a .docx file.

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Sorry i havent been around! Along with some health things, I've been really into animal crossing!

🐦 The public site ( updated with a new page today! This is the first update of chapter two, now featuring larger pages!

The final page of the chapter, Finding A Path, went up on the site this morning. Enjoy!

I've reworked some of the earlier pages of the comic to match the later style of border I switched to. I uploaded some of them on Imgur to see how they would do. Please take a look. It's appreciated.

Page 23, Falling Down
Ouch! Not good!
Also, the final page of this chapter has been posted on Patreon. Check it out here:

Pacifica - Page 23 is up on Patreon! Things are looking grim for Gavin. Check out the latest page and get some cool bonuses while you're at it!

Oops. Looks like Gavin should have slowed down a little. This could be bad.

This page may or may not be inspired by close calls in the author’s past. πŸ˜‰

I spent this morning going back and redoing the borders of the older pages in anticipation of collecting "chapter 1" into a book. This way the presentation will be more consistant throughout. Top - Original, Bottom - Newer look.

Things are going from bad to worse as Gavin attempts to escape the pursuing sal-kin. Read it and the rest of the comic at a larger size for as little as $2 on Patreon.

πŸ‘€ Here's a little preview for page 22. Much further along than this now, but still a fair amount of work to do.

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