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Here's a brief description of my current project:
Pacifica is a fantasy adventure comic inspired by the Pacific Northwest. It currently follows a young man named Gavin as he travels to the city of Haven where he hopes to find an old friend.
You can read the comic at

Oops. Looks like Gavin should have slowed down a little. This could be bad.

This page may or may not be inspired by close calls in the author’s past. 😉

I spent this morning going back and redoing the borders of the older pages in anticipation of collecting "chapter 1" into a book. This way the presentation will be more consistant throughout. Top - Original, Bottom - Newer look.

Things are going from bad to worse as Gavin attempts to escape the pursuing sal-kin. Read it and the rest of the comic at a larger size for as little as $2 on Patreon.

👀 Here's a little preview for page 22. Much further along than this now, but still a fair amount of work to do.

🤩 I love browsing the art section in used-book stores and discovering new artists that I was unaware of.

Good news! It may take me a week or two to get things sorted out, but I hope to be drawing and writing on a daily basis soon. It's an exciting time and I hope to grow Pacifica's community and create something that many people can enjoy.
Pacifica will be my full time job sooner than expected! Thank you to everyone who is already helping this dream come true!

Part of a promotional piece I'm doing for Pacifica. This character will show up in the comic eventually.

Saturday, November 2nd, meet some of ’s finest cartoonists!
Liz Valasco "The Seeker"
Tait "Pacifica"
Peter Hoey "Coin-Op Comics"
Their work covers the historical, fantasy, and spooky.
The Scruffy Nerd Herder 234 F St. Eureka, CA
During from 6-9.

Page 21 of Pacifica just hit the public site. 🎨

Although I was unable to get a table, I will be attending Ohana Comic Con @ Blue Lake Casino, Oct. 26-27. That's this weekend! I'll be roaming around talking to people and having fun. Look for a guy wearing a denim cap with Pacifica buttons and a "Ask me about my so-so art" pin. Say hi if you see me and I might have some buttons or stickers for you! Looking forward to meeting some local Humboldt fans and making new ones.

I love that my work space allows for this. 😁 I can see their shadows on the fence before they jump to the feeder. (And yes, I need to clean my windows.)

The first part of page 21 has been posted for patrons. Can Gavin escape this trouble?

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💪 Don't forget to check our site for comic listings, tutorials, podcasts, and more! Help us help you! (Views help pay the bills!)

I wasn’t completely happy with page 20, so I took some time today to add in some vocalizations for the sal-kin. It’s something I originally wanted to do, but skipped for the sake of getting the new page up. I think it really improves the overall look of the page and is more immersive for the reader.

Hey, everyone. Working on learning some video editing so that I can fix up some footage of working on the comic for people who are interested in seeing how I put Pacifica together.

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A Trap Jaw watercolor that’s going out with the Beast Man one I posted a few days ago. These watercolor crayons are pretty fun to use.

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