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Like mentioned yesterday: a new exclusively for produced track is online (+ 4 more pieces). All - the new track is this:

You can hear guitars with hi hat playing in the intro. Then comes a drum break and suddenly the whole band with a driving bass is playing. The piece changes into a b part, then a quieter c part. Then the intro guitar riff comes back and the whole band joins again. The end is a increasing climax with a sudden end.

Due to all the new great followers here I just finished producing a complete track in just half a day and I will give away for (CC-BY) tomorrow. You people are quite motivating, yeah! (=

Wow, hello all you new followers! Great feeling when the weekend ends, you check Mastodon and suddenly have more followers than on - you people here are all so great! <3

Also thanks to @FediFollows for the follow-recommendation!

Some german greeting:
Hallo auch an die neuen deutschen Follower. (-;

+++ Achtung ⚠ +++

Die Befragung des Zensus ("Volkszählung") in Deutschland beginnt am 16. Mai 2022.
WICHTIG !! Teilnehmende an der Befragung erhalten vorher immer eine SCHRIFTLICHE Terminankündigung !!!

Bitte weitersagen, mit Betrugsversuchen ist zu rechnen !

#Betrug #Prävention

At the moment I work on a new feature for with which you can get "similar tracks" listed on the pieces page. This needs a lot of work in the backend ... managing all similarities etc. Ouf. :D

5 new pieces on - now under ! One of the new tracks is this:

You can hear a double bass slide and then e-piano and a jazz drumkit join. There are some breaks and a held bass note from time to time, while the piece gets more quiet. Then the drive comes back with a walking bass and a more active jazz drumkit with rides. The piece ends suddenly.

Does anybody here know a model to describe #teambuilding that is more modern than the one from Tuckman (

Or any studies that suggest that his model still fits modern teams / working environment?

I have some doubt that it does... 🤔

Thank you everyone for participating in this poll! (=

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Since this discussion came up: when you read the word "free" - how do you feel when it comes to "free, but only if not used commercially (and mention the author)"?

shitpost / misheard German lyrics 

@Tagirijus hier der Text, den der Chor singt:

wieso zärtlich, Kompass?
mit Opas dirty face
Opas und 2Pacs
bringt uns sehr viel Tests
Lass dies!
dazu fehlt mir noch
A.Z. Hofer
vom Bezug
sind wir noch wach?
oder sind wir Chor?
der Lieferheld
sind wir noch wach?
am Piratenbaum
wo man rückwärts geht
wo man sieht
wo Masochist
zum Vinylformat
ein Turmatom
mit großem Bild
zu viel!

I think about changing the search system on regarding the "commercial" search switch. What do you think?

Feel free to take a look to see how it is right now:

5 new tracks on - one is:

You can hear a deep synth bass, noisy and dull percussion and a dull noisy atmopshere. Then dull synth pads join, while the noisy atmosphere reduces. Then some kind of synth lead joins with almost a melody. The piece is rather atmospheric and dark, yet stylish. Later comes a break with clock tickings. Then the piece gets some kind of climas with harmonic changes.

Just found out that there seem to be so many cool / on Mastodon, wow! It's kind of a loop: finding someone interesting, following. Oh they repost other cool peoples content. What are they doing? Oh, cool stuff as well. Follow. Oh wait, they're reposting other cool peoples stuff. What are they doing? ... and so on, haha.

Thank you all you great people. <3

Another track of mine on

You can hear a highly compressed drums. An e-guiar is joining and then another beat, bass and another e-guitar are joining in. The new guitar starts to solo. Some breaks together with an e-piano. The other beat again now together with the e-piano. In the middle there is a lyrical part with nice harmonies. Then the beat-part again with e-piano and e-guitar solos. Breaks again, lyrical part, beat-part. End.

let's try this!
Hello community :) Sharing my first post to get this started. Hoping to see (and ideally contribute) some fancy art together.

5 new pieces on - this time a small soundtrack with tracks - perfect for !

You can hear a furious full orchestra with a percussion ensemble. The horns are playing a musical theme, which gets imitated by the strings after introducing the theme. In the middle is a short break before the theme is played by all in tutti again. The piece ends abruptly, since it is a loopable track.

This is a silly track of mine from - have fun with it!

You can hear a standard blues played by two ukuleles - one is playing chords the other one is playing a cheap blues solo. Everything sounds thind and silly. (o:

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