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Isn't it fun how my figurative work is often put into the "female" category, and my abstract work into "male"?
I mean, that's one big fat assumption right there: The "tough" and "serious" and "edgy" works must be painted by men, the "soft" and "colorful" and "playful" paintings must be female, right?

And did anyone ever consider asking me about my artist persona, if it's female at all?

Video game character creators should have separate inputs for body-type and pronouns.

It's funny how when I contact people who don't know me and use my (abbreviated) gender neutral artist name, they almost always assume I'm male. 💁‍♀️

Now that I'm looking forward to my solitary stay in an art studio in May, I'm looking how I can expand my work. Monotyping or printmaking looks interesting, and so does woodworking. This is such a wonderful opportunity, I'm so happy that forcing myself to apply was so successful!

The creation process of my neo-surrealistic artwork "Insight Outside" is live! If you like art timelapses, take a look! It's a beautiful one.

that paper where they scraped Mastodon and found cauliflowers 

... I am still collecting signatures for the open letter:

The people who got involved early on included a strong proportion of instance admins and academic types, but the 35 current signatories include users who identify as neither. The open letter is licensed under Creative Commons CC0, to provide an easy start for anyone who would like to use it as a basis to write their own commentary that adds or omits topics according to their tastes.

My current goal is to send the letter officially on Monday. I will CC anyone who wants to be on the distribution list, since while coordinating this kind of fell to me by default, any response we get should go to the community.

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Okay. I will do it. I'll take this stipend!

If you're asking why this is such a big deal for me, I got a 4yo child at home and I share responsibility with my partner. We're trying to do this evenly, and I'll be gone for 3 weeks. It's "jwd" as we say in German, "janz weit draußen", meaning really remote. Which is a good thing for working, but a bad thing for family and staying in touch.
And of course I'm doubting myself. The usual.

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Tusker (my iOS app for Mastodon) is going to need an app icon soon. I can make something crappy to use in the short term, but in the slightly longer term I'd like to commission. someone to make a nice one. So, if you are or know an artist who does app icons and are open for commissions, please let me know!

(boosts appreciated)

I'll just... Wait...? Till it is tomorrow... And my brain has stopped whirring. Yes. Good plan.

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Omg omg omg! I just won a stipend for 3 weeks! Gods! Omg!

Hello!! I'm opening comms for 100x100 pixel icons for $15

Sharing is much appreciated ❤️ Additional details to follow

I've got a bit of a community proposal - To this day I feel like Original Art suffers under the Hashtag system, as it's difficult to find it under general tags. I know it's always weird to just establish something out of nowhere, but are there any others who think Art could benefit from being clustered into loose genres to self-idendify with? To be less wordy, is anyone interested in inventing hashtags for various original art? This is just for interest, the "How" follows.

And anatomy isn't my strong suit. I've gotten better, but I'll probably never be a master.
Well. Luckily I don't have to be.

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Correcting an anatomical error in this stage is tough. I should have paid close attention earlier, but the colors are really pretty distracting and I had to zoom in a good bit to spot it at all. Sigh.

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