Merry whatever! Here, have this free song from me, let's give this year a proper send off, shall we!

#music #electronic #retrosynth #space

@maloki just let me know if you're interested in a work. I can provide you with the exact measurements and everything else. 😊

@maloki hm? Those here? Nope, they are here with me. πŸ˜‰

covid family update 

@readsteven so sorry to hear that. And yes, stay home.

@virtualwolf Did something similar yesterday, wait a second...

@virtualwolf Thank you! I took the photo on a whim, after I was super bored and did a rather extreme makeup look to cheer me up a bit. Then I took some pictures, and because the makeup was so extreme, my posing was also extreme. And then it got a bit out of hand and it got included in my album release in October. 😸

psa: Updated my profile here and my profile picture.

Colored a lil matteo doodle I had lined and everything from like. 2019?????? I just never colored him for some reason LMAO

other stuff from Pinterest! I don't use my brain much for these lmao, it's relaxing
(if u wanna see the refs and basically every pic I saved on there my username is florence_carlus)

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