"alone (I believed you)". One of my current urban abstract paintings. Lots of layers on unstretched canvas. I think this would look gorgeous in a thin black frame, no glass, just wrapped around some backplane!

My art homepage chrisroth.Art has been updated! New colors, and I took a whole bunch of paintings offline. So I can paint on them again!
I just didn't like them any more. They bored the hell out of me. And I hate to waste good paper.

Also it's way more fun to paint on some colorful background I think!

Now all I have to do is to shoot LOADS of photos and put them online! /o\

"Come As You Are (You F*** Psycho)" is my take on school reunions. If it looks a tad aggressive, well I can't help it. I hate school reunions.

This work of art is called "fuck", and I think it's very beautiful! It's on the smaller side of what I currently create, I think it's about Din A3.

Look of the day. (selfie with eye contact and mask)

I installed a makeshift wall-easel and had fun trying it out! This one I like the most!

Oh, and this is my palette for the painting! Somehow it kind of looks like the abstract version. 😂

So, here is @juni ! 💖 I'm quite proud of this painting, how the colors shine!

Image shows a super bright portrait of a confidently smiling person with upper body nudity and eye contact.

I might have painted a uber decorative painting and written all sorts of snarky "art should not be political!1" stuff on it. 😏

So this seems to be the final version. For now. As my reference was not very well lit, I had to adjust the light several times. And add texture back into the painting afterwards. Nothing destroys a painting as overrendered smoothness.

And done for today, possibly finished. I'm not so happy with how it turned out, but it's okay I guess? Critique very welcome!

And another update. Still toning down the primary colors. I think this might go somewhere if I put in some more work!

Update on the progress, if anyone is interested.

A have to familiarize myself with working on canvas again. I much prefer paper, but canvas does have advantages. So I'm slowly dipping my toes in the water again.

0 / 22 THE Fool for . Es to work with the colors (strangely enough).

20 The Aeon for ! I'm not sure about this painting, yet I like how colorful it is! Comments and critique welcome.

Also, , when I try to change the sound of of my notification, I get this here:

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