I want to make a case again for using references *without shame*. Using reference is a good thing! Artists have done this since forever, and I think not everyone needs to paint things that only exist in one's imagination.
Take Caspar David Friedrich for example. He used the same oak trees over and over again, ones he had sketched on a hike. He was a studio painter. I can't be sure of course, but I don't think he was ashamed of using his reference!

Here's today's work. Not sure if I like it or if I need to put in more work - what are your thoughts? (repost in better quality)

Today's work. I was super tired while painting, and I always thought it didn't look good. But now I think it's beautiful.

The process for my bright 80s night ride painting "Brake Now" is now up, so if you want to watch me paint that beauty, here you go:

👉 youtu.be/cQl5FRNoivo

Hello! I feel it's time for an updated . I'm an from Germany, exploring the boundaries between and naturalistic . My art is usually colorful and energetic, and I like to use modern tools like acrylic , and combine them with "traditional" and ink.
I sometimes still do or . But is what I currently enjoy the most!

Here is today's work! I wanted to make a painting that looks super glowy and bright. What do you think, did I succeed?
Also: Painting even though I initially didn't want to. But it was a nice session!

Spider mention 

I'm having a good time with these colors and roads and trees so I'll keep going, right?

Here is the first of my new series featuring roads and forests in overly bright colors.
I think I have learned some things from my abstract painting phases!

Here, have this painting! It's from my "whiteout" series I didn't know I was making until yesterday. It's called "They said I am hard to love (it was you not me)" and it's about friends who are shitty to me.

OMG! Look what arrived in the mail! It's the Urban Abstraction Tarot!

The quality is really quite good, the cards are printed nicely and cut very precisely. "The Hermit" must be one of the cards where the printer struggled the most with my strange colors and weird contrasts, but even that one is quite good!

"For Exposure (You Love What You Do, So Do It For Free)"
Every creator of art, music, design, writing has to battle with the conception that a) you do what others do as a hobby so it must be FUN, right? b) if it's fun, it isn't REAL work, c) getting paid for fun things is optional.
Creative people need to live and eat, too. And the creative process may be fun at times, but requires hard and constant work beyond what can be called recreational.

I got new safety gear!

Photo shows a person with a mask, eye contact.

The more affordable version of the Urban Abstraction Tarot is ready! If you're interested, you can find it here
I was able to keep the price unter $22.
You can find the cards with slightly better quality paper (330gsm vs. 300 gsm) and a slightly better fitting format here
makeplayingcards.com/sell/mark for $28.
Additionally, shipping costs are lower for most ppl via printerstudio.com

Here, have this pretty closeup of one of my latest paintings. I'm very much in love with the texture, the rainbowy pastel colors and the scratches as such!

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