They were so much fun to do, and did not take that long! If you should be interested in some of those, each one of the last 8 is approximately DinA3 as I painted them on 42cm x 59,4cm paper and I'd give one to give them away for 90€ each.

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But what I really enjoyed today was doing these abstract "letters". I started with these two red ones yesterday and with watercolor first, then quickly moved on to acrylic paint.

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Okay, here are the paintings I did yesterday and today with everything working against me. I got some of the brushes and colors today that I had left behind to make it a bit easier.

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Done. This was one stubborn one! I think I need a break from landscapes for some time. More portrait to come.

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Some more watercolor sketching. This might be a bit overworked, I'm so much more used to acrylics right now.

I've had some time in nature to do some watercolor sketching. It's a very rare occasion. Here are the quick studies I did.

I'm slowly exploring abstraction in portraiture. It's of course easier with a high-contrast reference like I used here, but ultimately I want to go beyond that. Thoughts and opinions welcome.

I don't know why, but this one just didn't want to come to life for hours. I think I spent 4 times as much time to make it work.

It is based on this photo by @esopriester, believe it or not. Underwent quite the transformation when it passed my eyes, my mind and my hand.

I'm already 10 paintings deep into this new series and haven't decided on a name yet. Thinking of using "Reshaping Reality" or "Reality Recreation"... Do you have an idea? Or do you like one of these?

Current WIP.
Spoiler: I don't like it. The style feels forced, I'm clinging to the reference which I didn't like from the start, and I'm having no fun at all.

A new attempt on the thirsty canvas. This time, I started with some acrylic gloss medium, and it really helped a lot to seal the surface!
Also, this is easy bigger than the other paintings, 60cm x 54cm I think.

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