I packed a very limited color palette. Need to take a picture later. It's literally 3 blues, 2 earth tones, 1 green, 1 yellow, neon pink and titanium white. (Might have forgotten one or two, maybe.)
I did not pack burnt umber or coelin blue. The latter one had gone bad, unfortunately, the former one I think I forgot.
Might buy those two here. And probably more titanium white. I only packed a tiny tube that's already halfway done.

I indeed remembered the colors correctly. Here is every color I packed for this trip:
(Not pictured are my various thin pens. They are black, I haven't worked with them on paintings yet.)

One painting session later I wish for burnt umber and coelin blue with renewed passion, and I hate everything my hands are creating at the moment. I'm a waking art block.

Watch me struggle, fail and get back up in real time.

So I bought burnt umber, cyan blue and titanium white. Continued with a restricted palette (just added neon pink and indian yellow). I'm so much happier with how these turned out, I mean, look at the blues!

Might fix the horizon on the smaller one. I didn't have the patience for that at the beach, it was a bit too sunny for my liking.

Today was a rough day. Didn't arrive at a result I liked, partly because I painted with a brush that is too small. I need my 6 cm brush, even when I'm painting on just 20x30cm. Also I painted in full sun at noon with a sunburn, trying to huddle under a protective scarf. *sigh* I need to find a good spot to paint!

I think what I'm trying to do here is recombining the different aspects of my work, the abstract, gestural, but also the neo-impressionist and surreal parts. I need to give me time to figure out the process that lets me arrive somewhere I like, and maybe I do have to work with photographic references again? I am really not cut out for staying in the sun for too long!

And I constantly struggle against trying to incorporate too much naturalism. I should stay away from the smaller brushes! I should not try to mimic clouds! I don't need to go back to this paint-by-numbers-mindset, it holds me back every time and ruins the work!

Here are my favorites so far, spread out with some stuff as size reference.

And here are all of the paintings from this vacation, even the ones I dislike and didn't post here. Also ordered chronologically.

Okay, the order is not perfectly chronological. I think it's 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 5, 7, 9, 8, 10. Just if someone is interested.

Reviewing all of the paintings I did this vacation - must say I prefer the bigger ones (about Din A3 and Din A2) very much to the small ones (about Din A4). They are very much my sweet spot for painting , the smaller format is just too small and I fixate too much on detail.
The big ones though! The colors can really shine against each other, and the format isn't too big to work quickly. (For me.)

And I enjoyed pleinair! I don't know if sceneries apart from the beach will lend themselves as well as those did, considering my abstracting style.

Things I accomplished this vacation:
1) Painting at all. Coming from a 1 year hiatus, this is huge.
2) Getting more loose and bold with my more naturalistic work, halfway to closing the gap to my fully abstracted landscape paintings.
3) Incorporating gestural abstraction on some level. Which is very satisfying.

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@nachdemsturm danke! Ich muss erstmal wieder reinkommen, aber ich mag es auch schon.

@TQ that looks *way* better than the usual seaside paintings in the galleries/exhibitions round here (and there are a lot 😁 )

@vfrmedia haha, I very much hope so. Usually I don't like this kind of paintings, so it's no wonder this looks... Different.

@TQ I read this post first and thought you were talking about eye shadows :blobcatgiggle:

I like your painting a lot!

@kikir haha, I also packed a very limited color palette there, too! I'll take some pics of both tomorrow.

@TQ I don't even get around/find the courage to do music at the moment. Which is unfortunate because it might help me get past the anxiety.

It almost feels like identity loss.

@draco feel you. I didn't paint for a long time because of this. It's a weird thing, how sometimes we tell us stories about our failings before we even tried.
But I'll keep trying now. Though differently. I don't know why I wanted to paint more traditional plein air landscape, I despise most art of this kind. Why should mine be better?

I'll go back to abstract art probably for a spell. It may be what I need to do. Maybe I'll even find a way to fuse the two approaches, who knows?

@TQ whatever path you take, sometimes the walking is important, not the exact route.

I'm in a bad funk right now, the move and Covid threw me pretty badly. But maybe I ought to take my own advice and just carve out a tiny bit of time for music.

@draco yes, I tried to keep up with you over the past months. What I read sounded very exhausting, I hope you get your energy back soon! 💖


As an art lover I'm probably atypical, but I really appreciate the struggle, the draft.

@TQ those are really gorgeous, the palette is 😘👌


Smooth! And process of going to the beach seems commendable too ;)

@jcast well, I committed to painting beach paintings this vacation, that means I have to go to there. 😁

@TQ beautiful! How do you like plein air painting after having done it for a while?

@draco it's... Different. The exposure to the elements is something I often underestimated, and I burn so easily. But I do like living in the painting before I get it on the canvas!

@draco and at first I struggled with getting loose enough. Seeing the real scenery is somehow compelling me to work more closely to the subject.

@trishalynn they are gestural expressions of my current state. I sometimes do exclusively gestural abstract work, and somehow at one point paintings started to feel "empty" to me when I didn't add those expressions.

@TQ I like it. It's like it's a landscape that involves depicting the artist's state of mind while painting it, too. Neat!

@trishalynn thank you kindly! Making the subjectivity of art (creation and reception) visible is one of my main aims!

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