Quick question! Would you be more interested in ...

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(I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to get my art into the world better. I have *SO* many works here from previous phases, just lying around. And many of them are really nice!)

I could also post some of my older works here, if anyone would be interested. I got abstract calligraphy, neo(n)impressionism, rough urban abstracts, abstract landscapes...?

Interesting. Somehow I never really considered prints... I'm unsure about the format and kind of print you all would want? Stickers? Art prints? Postcards? T-shirts even?

@TQ are they in your shop, too? 👀 I've browsed there a few times lately...

@Kiki many are, yes. I have to admit I didn't upload the painting from my artist residency yet...

@Kiki and I didn't upload the really smol pieces, the postcard sized ones. Maybe I should.

@TQ is there a place where I can see those? Have you posted them on masto/pixelfed?

@Kiki yes, they are all in one thread here on Mastodon! I haven't posted many pictures since then, you can switch to the media view tab and scroll a bit down. 😊

@TQ Meine Erfahrung ist, dass es gut ist wenn man ab und zu etwas postet das Anders ist. Die Leute erwarten bei mir grafische Animation oder Glitch (Art). Manchmal poste ich 3D Zeugs, oder Slit Scann … Dinge die ich schon vor mehreren Jahren gemacht habe. Denn selbst wenn man an einem Stil wirklich viel arbeitet und gut ist, stumpft es den Betrachter ab.

@TQ I like to buy art in book form. I don't like to display art (prints or originals), and putting them in an album always feels messy and devoid of context, but in a book, I can have something I can store neatly on a shelf, and which includes any context the artist wants, plus books feature many pieces.

Books are challenging and pricy to make though, and I don't know how much people prefer them over prints and originals. Could be worth including in a future poll?

@eishiya interesting! I didn't think of books. I like the idea, will keep it in mind. Thank you!

@TQ It would actually depend on the space, though. We have zero wall space in our current 74 sq meter condo. My general thought is that large pieces require larger spaces.

@TQ sorry if i am missing the obvious, but where can i get a look at your work?

@steve sure. I posted lots of it here, you can find it in the media view tab in my profile. Also on my website:

@TQ Just test by putting some on redbubble or the like and see what people pick?

@ceha hm. I'm not sure if that's the right audience, I experienced redbubble as more illustration and design focused, not so much art.

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