Here is the finished portrait of @luricaun - hidden bc eye contact. I also added a version where I flipped the green channel back, and one where I then desaturated the result. Because it totally works and is awesome!


And you are so awesome. Thank for you for being so badass. <3

@luricaun @TQ

these paintings are amazing; when I was a broadcast engineer I remember the 80s "sci-fi" effect of solarisation used to do this with video but never expected it would be emulated by a human painter!

@vfrmedia @luricaun I was always fascinated by solarization, and at Uni I did some experimenting with it. Now in the age of digital filtering, I use my phone to flip one or multiple color channels, or even put them in a u-shape like solarization would.
Painting the result does something with it. It's so weird to see these filtered pictures painted on canvas, I love it!

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