Today's the day I leave for the #artistResidency! And I'm on the road!
(selfie, no eye contact)

So, long time no hear! I arrived yesterday at the #artistResidency, and @Oecan helped me settle in, get all of my stuff into the house. And it's a BIG house! If it wasn't for current times, it could comfortably house 6-8 people I think!
I bought an old Mountainbike yesterday, because I won't have other means to travel around. And it's really rural here!

There is one major drawback - the internet connection is very, very weak. The router is in a house nearby, and the data transfer rates are terrible. I will be staying here for almost a month, so I ordered a mobile router and prepaid internet to match.
Today we went to get cardboard for my wall easels and to the supermarket, bought sustenance for me, and then @Oecan left. Now I'm alone.

But there are people who help the artists find their way! One of them helped me get my wall easels in place!

I'm at the ! And today I started painting! My body is tired from the travel and the bad sleep, my neck still hurts, but I needed to start. Here it is, my first painting, just begun!

Working hard.
Isn't it funny how shapes and brushstrokes and paint form layers that we later perceive as something? A tree, a face, the night sky. But it's not there, it really isn't. It is all in our head.

Need to take a break now, my whole body aches. Painting is exhausting.


This morning, I worked on some abstract pieces. I need to get out of my head, need to focus on shapes and textures more. How it helps!
Let me know your thoughts if you like.

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@TQ Oh, hello there. Looks like you get settled in there.

@luricaun hey there! Yeah, a bit I think. Need to get out more, see the landscape and nature. There are some really beautiful places nearby. But at the moment, the weather isn't too inviting and I still got muscle pain, so I keep postponing.

@TQ I guess there is plenty of time to do so. I usually tend to stress myself with things like this and hope you are not like me on that matter.

I just happy to see you diving into this experience.

@luricaun I'm happy I'm finally here. I am still very tense and constantly fretting about not being good enough or not doing my best, but what is there to change? Nothing, really.

@TQ Ugh, those expectations to yourself can be pretty daunting. From the outside point of view I think you are a very strong, courageous woman who can be very proud of herself and her accomplishments, especially if one can't see it in that moment.

@TQ the one on the right kinda loo,s like wild surf

@TQ aaaaaaahhhh, the colors!!!! 😍😍😍

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