Hm. I am not sure about these abstract fluorescent fungi.
Helpful comments welcome.


This morning's work.
Comments and critique are much appreciated.

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I somehow think it might be too... Pretty? I don't know.

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This afternoon's work. Trying to slip back to fully abstract art, which is terribly difficult for me on a bigger canvas (70cm x 70cm).
Halfway through I came back to the prompt "the birth of glass" by @DaveHiggins

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Today's work. I'm back to doing more calligraphic, more informal expressive work. But this time on canvas, and big. The first two works are only 40cm x 60cm, the third is 50cm x 80cm, the last one is 60cm x 80cm.

Helpful comments and critique much appreciated!

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I've also taken a whole bunch of pictures of me. I had this great lipstick on and a very nice background!
(selfies, some with eye contact)

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@TQ Looks like those animals in the sea which have natural illumination - a small colony of them.

@Cedara yes, i was reminded of them while I was painting. 😊

@TQ @TQ at first, I saw a night sky with stars. When I looked closer, I saw the glowing fairy-like seeds floating in the air; ethereal beauty

@TQ this one gives me some serious "come deeper into the forest" vibes!

@TQ I really love this one too. First I also saw deep sea creatures and then I read the comment about floating seeds in the woods and now I am even more amazed by it.

@TQ i like this one very much. i see the lighness and soft movement of the jellyfish like lights , beings or stars.

@TQ and i like the space it has and creates. the ones up left make it that i seem to look from a bit afar and below for example.

@rottenmeier Thank you. It's great that even though I'm somehow not content, you and others really seem to like it!

@communeva Thank you! I'm trying to push as far as I can get this week. I'm still not 100% happy, but I'm slowly developing some ideas what I want to do next, honing in on techniques I like and such.

@TQ @communeva That has swoosh. And swish.

I am most pleased my thought advanced this.

@TQ Wonderful picture! Reminds me either of travelling through a far πŸ‘ away galaxy where no one has before or diving in a deep sea and observe fluorescent jellyfish

@TQ this is really beautiful!! i love the floaty, glowy effect. one thing you could do is make some of the shadows darker? i love all of the shimmery colors fading into each other and i think it could really pop if there were some areas in the shadows where there was a true black or something closer to it

@toreachpoise I was trying to make the background dark without the use of black. I didn't particularly like how it looked in the first 2 paintings of this series, so I tried to abstain from black completely.
But yes, more depth. Noted. 😊 Thank you!

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