Hey dear art people of the fediverse, I feel a bit stuck at the moment. Do you have a spark of creativity to spare? Would you like to hit me with some prompts for my next art series? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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Oh no, I'm avoiding going home so I don't have to face the blank canvas... Okay, As I can't stay here forever, I'll just go.
*wishes herself luck*

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@lilletale Hm! Hmmm!
Thank you!
(Got no idea where that one came from 😂 )

@lilletale Totally! That's why my alt @TQ is currently called that way. They are the coolest!

@TQ @TQ This is a really nice cooincidence and another reason why your next project should contain fluorescent mushrooms.

@lilletale I'm thinking of doing this... abstract. That'll be fun!

@lilletale That is such an awesome idea, thank you so much!

Abstract concept: Water
A bit more concrete: Streams, flowing water in nature, water flowing/streaming/falling/moving

@zatnosk somehow I missed your answer. Sorry! Thank you!

@TQ that's okay :) it's less fascinating than fluorescent mushrooms anyway :blobcheeky:

* The birth of glass
* Racing in place
* Yellow as the answer to praise

@DaveHiggins Love these. I'll try to incorporate some or all of them in today's work.

Thank you so much!

if person xyz would be a room/a space, what would it look like. but abstract.

maybe with imaginary persons or concrete ones, or virtual "pocket"friends, or from literature

@TQ you're welcome--- oh wait.... before you move on: 🍵 / ☕

@TQ I'm kind of in the same boat as you. Looking for some inspiration. It's hard when you have a full time job that it's not related to art at all 😩

@Helsic @TQ that's right. So turn it on its head. Sketch, draw, use clay whatever for one hour. Then choose the best you have made and make 3 variations of it. Each again no more than 1 hour. Choose the best one and try to make a finished work.

If you are a perfectionist use time limits again.

At the end: Be proud. There was nothing when you started. So whatever you made, it is a win. If only a personal victory, still a victory.

@TQ Space, the final frontier. Backside of the moon. Other side of the river. Looking inside a place where you used to live.

@TQ First step of course is not feeling like you have to create something. That's pushing it and nothing good can come of it.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Avoid the blank canvas some more. Take a long walk, call an old friend. Do something crazy.

Inspiration will come. It always does.

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