"I could do this". / "this is not art" /1 

I just got my first dismissive comment about my current art series, calling it random and basically "not art". It's funny how some people will go to lengths and try to say something is art and something other is not.

Randomness and spontaneity plays a huge role in this kind of work, yes! Kudos for noticing, good job. Does that mean it's "not at"? Only people with a definition of art stuck in the 18th century might arrive at this conclusion.

"I could do this". / "this is not art" /2 

I always wonder about ppl who say "I could have done that!" If it was that easy, how is it I needed decades to be able to do this kind of work? It's a case of Dunning-Kruger.

It also begs the question why aren't they artists then? How come they are instead bland beings dismissing the work of others? Bc being an artist is incredible difficult bc of voices like this. It shouldn't be. But as it stands being an artist requires tremendous amounts of courage.

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"I could do this". / "this is not art" /3 

I mean, what's next? Photography can't be art because you don't use a brush? Art is what self-proclaimed art critics say? You're required to work a certain amount of time per square cm to be allowed to call something art?

I need to take a shower.

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I'll tell you what art is! 

Whenever an artist says "this is art" about their own work.
There is *no* other authority.

Better still: Becoming an artist is as easy as saying "I'm an artist." You don't even have to repeat it three times in front of a mirror at the full moon!

It only takes the guts to say it, mean it and dealing with whatever is thrown at you after it.

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Being an artist is the most anarchist thing one can do.

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I'll tell you what art is! 

@TQ @Kooda it is important to note, however, that you are absolutely allowed, even encouraged, to repeat ot three times in front of a mirror at the full moon

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