BTW, one of my aims in this series is that even though I emphasize singular brush strokes very much, I want them to become obscure and hidden, die the viewer to wonder which stroke was made when. I want the strokes to dissolve almost organically. I think I managed to do that better with 3 and 4 than with the first two.

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I especialy like the third one, made me think of 馬 at first look.

@floppyplopper oh, that's cool. I only learned hiragana and katakana though and don't know that kanji...


It's traditional Chinese for horse. I only learned about 100 characters, that's one of the first I learned.

When I can get the gist of something in Japanese, that's tremendously exciting for me.

@TQ what are your thoughts on monochromatic work? Does the simplified pallet make it easier to focus on expression? Does it make it harder to convey the feeling?

@cryptoxic Guess it's different for everyone, but it's definitely harder for me. Colors are an easy way for me to insert interest and movement and layers into a work. Using only one color robs me of these shortcuts, which is good for me as I have to put in more manual work and effort. I like that.

@TQ The third one is really impressive! Full of movement. 😍

@TQ Paint-wise I have been in a funk lately. I login here and see your amazing work and it inspires me. Thanks so much. You are an incredible artist.

@sikkdays Wow, I think that must be the most amazing thing I heard this week! Thank you!

@TQ woow, die 3 und die 4 würde ich mir ohne zu zögern an die Wand hängen.

@rixx 💖 Danke dir! (Falls du sie wirklich wollen würdest, sie sind verfügbar. Aber no pressure!)

I'm not a fan of abstract art in general, but these one touch me. Great composition! So &

@TQ I love the third one, looks like an awesome 1 on 1 battle

@TQ Seeing your output be so consistent makes me wonder how many pieces you do not display. How many paintings does it take to get these 4?

@dualhammers *blush* 4.

And the 46 I did in the past weeks. But I showed them all here. I post all of my stuff that is even halfway presentable here. I like to show my process and encourage others to start creating.

@TQ I am similar - I don't like throwing anything away, but I am not as skilled as you yet so they don't look nearly as good.

You must have a big scanner at home to get those into post form for your etsy

@dualhammers I use a camera. It's a bit of work, but scanning big format paintings is such a hassle...

@TQ That's pretty impressive - the prints look very good

@dualhammers it's a good camera and I have experimented a bit when and where to take the pics. It's been a journey, but now that I've figured out the process it's fine.

@TQ Do you actually sell those? I'd really like to get one.

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