@simonpanrucker 💖 Thank you so much! I'm still exploring where I'm going, it's good to hear you like it!

@TQ I think it's ok to never stop exploring :P what are you enjoying about what you're trying at the moment?

@simonpanrucker I like the lightness and brightness of the colors very much, and the very abstract perspective. I also like the occasional coloful blob, but I think I'll do less of those in the near future and try to find more and different ways to do marks on my new renitent canvas.

@TQ Cool! Yeah I like the abstract perspective. For me it's still evocative but it leaves plenty of room for my own interpretation, or whatever it pulls out of my mind. I look forward to seeing what you try next 😀

@simonpanrucker Thank you! Looking forward to see what you're doing!

@TQ Thanks! Yeah I'll start sharing some stuff soon :)

@TQ I like these A LOT, they really speak to me. The mix of colours, the composition, just feel really like something I know or remember, like old summer holidays and being allowed to stay up late.

Also super neat how the soft blobby colour texture contrasts the overlaying scratchy texture! (I totally know Art Terminology)

@rixx Thank you for your kind words! Your art terminology is really good, up there with my own! No really, I like to use language everyone can understand. And thank you for saying that the paintings stir something in your memory - one of my goals in creating art is to make reality just abstract enough to be a vague feeling or memory. 💖

@TQ ooh this is awakening some cotton candy feelings. I love them!

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