It's time for an update of my , so here we go: Hi, I'm an from Germany, exploring and in all sorts of ways. A .ist by heart, after spending literal decades with monochromatic drawing, I switched to acrylic paint and have never looked back. I'm walking the line between and and enjoy abstract and .
I sometimes do , but is what I enjoy the most!

And look, how times have changed!
This was just a few years ago. Time is a bizarre thing!

It's hard to believe this post was just 2,5 years ago. I had just done my first few paintings with acrylic! I had never really tried working on abstract art. And before that, I had only dabbled a bit in pastels in 2013. Before that, only pencil. For almost 20 years! What a lost opportunity that is for me now.
I picked up watercolor sketching in December 2015. I started painting with acrylics in late 2017.

I think a lot about . I felt stuck for years, and I am still learning what held me back all this time. It was a mix of shame of not being perfect already, of fear of failure, lack of resources like money and some pieces of knowledge. It was the feeling I could never make it, that I was only ever be a hobby artist, so I never bothered to try.
It was classism for sure, because I never knew other artists, and the stories told about artists depicted people vastly different from me.

And these are the reasons I emphasize hard work in art. And I hate the very idea of talent, or lack thereof. It holds people back, it's a cheap excuse to stay where you are.
I want other people to take the risk when it's their turn, I want to help creating an understanding of art as something that has to be practiced and taught and experienced.

Ah, sorry. Went down that way again.

@TQ Thank you for this thread. I've taken up drawing recently, and it's a definite hurdle to push past the idea that I need to be naturally good to pursue art in any way.

@mara_cav_ Right? It's such a strange belief, I wonder why it's so common. As if anyone could achieve anything that's complex super fast. It's simply not possible!

@TQ I've been to a Steiner school and already in kindergarten I've been drawing and painting like always! in school we got to experience all the cool techniques in art and crafts and i really got the idea and the experience that it's just something that you can/need to do. like just do it!

so i really can confirm what you said from something like an other side.

@TQ me gusta mucho tu estilo de pintura, me hace pasar por muchas emociones buenas. 😍

Die Schattierungen und Kontraste des Yoga-Bildes beschäftigen mich. Ist das auch Acryl? Sieht irgendwie sehr "aquarellig" aus und bringt soviel Spannung in das Bild. Die beiden Stellungen strahlen an sich schon so viel Kraft aus und die Farbgebung verleiht denen noch eine ganze Ecke mehr. Ich finde es gerade schwierig, die passenden Worte dafür zu finden, das ist weit außerhalb dessen, womit ich mich üblicherweise beschäftige. Das Bild macht was mit mir und das ist gerade sehr schön.

@byteborg das freut mich sehr zu lesen! Das Bild ist komplett Acryl, manchmal arbeite ich mit mehr Wasser / Bindemittel, um aquarellartige Effekte zu bekommen.

Ich habe im therapeutischen Kontext erste Gehversuche in Acryl gemacht und finde das ein außergewöhnlich interessantes und vielseitiges Material. Es hat soviel Tiefe und Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten und natürlich bewundere ich auch ein bisschen dein "Vokabular" in der Umsetzung. Was mich so berührt, sind die Kraft, die Spannung, die Energie, die aus dem Bild sprechen.

@byteborg Danke! Tut gut to hören, ich struggle gerade etwas, nach einer längeren Pause wieder "zu mir" zu finden...

Sieht aber nicht nach struggle aus 😉 ich weiß, Eigenwahrnehmung/Fremdwahrnehmung...

@byteborg das ein wenig, und ich gehe gerade ungewohnte Wege, was auch unsicher und seltsam anfühlt.

Unsichere und seltsame Wege sind doch die, die sich danach als die interessantesten und fruchtbarsten herausstellen, solange sie einen nicht überfordern. Ich find es sensationell, was du da schaffst!

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