No Lockdown Landscapes today, I think. These are not abstract enough to be part of that series, but I really like them!

Two new abstract landscapes! I've worked again from a very rough sketch, and it totally shows. Just like with the other two I did before. So this is a new series? Hm!

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@TQ my secret weapon has been excedrin. in lieu, a tylenol, an ibuprofen, and a small cup of coffee or black tea (the three ingredients in excedrin). from what i've read of the research, caffeine is both a trigger and a helper. ymmv of course!!!

Migraine discussion 

@tqft only to forget the pain for a bit while focusing on the paint.
My medicaments had pushed the pain down a bit, so it was manageable... But I prefer to have no headaches or migraine while doing anything.
I'm happy it's gone now.

@juni it is now. Yesterday was for the trash can, as I would say in German.

@TQ these are beautiful! I adore the left one, the colours are amazing

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