I think I need to go and paint something now. Let's see how this goes today.

BTW, the series is called "The Lockdown Landscapes".

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@TQ Oh I meant like during the day. As in how long does a painting like these (which I love) take you?

@TQ It's kind of a banal question I know, but I am new to making abstract art and I'm curious about the process of others

@dualhammers I post the process timelapses! My YouTube channel is way behind, my Instagram channel is a bit more recent. Today I posted the first timelapse there, you are very welcome to have a look!

@TQ I may! Thank you :) I got rid of my instagram though so I am not sure if I will be able to see it but I will give it a try

@dualhammers it depends. A few hours of painting, plus a few hours of suffering in these times...

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