Not completely sure if I'm done, but here is my first Spock painting!
(eye contact)

Ok, closer inspection reveals what I thought, the face in the left is a bit distorted. Will make some fixes.

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Exhausted, but will add another session in a few minutes.

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Now I'm asking myself what to paint next! Opinions?

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@tqft Hmm. Not a huge fan of those. I like firefly, and I have... seen some Doctor Who.
I'm more for Star Trek I'm afraid.

@TQ I am a big trek fan but was trying to get out there a little.

The real stars of trek though are the starships.

@TQ @tqft the Enterprise refit / Enterprise-A. :blobuwu:

The TOS movie era had the best ship design - futuristic but still something that had that realistic NASA vibe.

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