If you're not looking over the shoulder of an artist right while they are creating it, the work was somehow *selected*. Often by gatekeepers who are more likely to let one kind of person pass (whom they expect to be successful?), while they hold others back. And of course, if you see art on the web, probably by algorithms that pushed some art and held other art down, by selecting one website and not another one. And then of course: By the artist themselves.

My point is: The art world is just as biased as the rest of the world. People who experience marginalization and discrimination in other places will experience the same in regards to art. They'll see their work rated lower, especially if it concurs with stereotypes associated with their marginalization. And while e.g. women might get more social encouragement to do floral, colorful art, the resulting (stereotypical) "feminine art" isn't as appreciated or well-paid.

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And thus, judging art by the means of "fitting" into a less successful category in the market can be problematic. Because, being already marginalized and having experienced one's work devaluated, one could perceive this as "your art doesn't stand up to the highest standards". One could perceive this as "your art looks less valuable" or "I can't imagine you succeeding".

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Which doesn't mean I'm pointing fingers at you for pointing something out that you experienced. It's the system, not the individual.

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And it's even in parts pointing a finger at myself for feeling called out and alert when some people told me my art looked like it's been painted by a woman.
I mean, it's interesting how I reacted to that. Even though I'm quite conscious in my choice of color, style, sujet. I chose not to look like sone white cisdude with mommy-issues!
Interesting. Very interesting.

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@TQ in my region the art scene is totally divided between older women (age 50-80+ or as long as their eyesight/dexterity holds out) painting "traditional" art and young lads doing "street" art (graffiti) which I once wanted to get into myself, but if they persist with it after age 30 they are more likely to get nicked and judged harshly..

Your own paintings contain elements of both that makes them stand out from the others (which is a very good thing!)

@TQ I hear you with all this.

There's also a trend yo be introduced as a female artist, or Women in Art. I'm an artist. Just that. An Artist.

@RaeYcrep I would love to raise visibility for other artists who happen to be women. It's just, I don't want to be always seen and judged through this lens!

@TQ one of my art teachers does art interventions. She took the statement that there are more women in the female toilets of an art gallery than on the walls as artists. So she travels to major galleries and puts up an exhibition in the toilets.

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