"I envy you the flowers (apart)".
This is an experiment. I'm not sure about the outcome. C&c appreciated...

It was weird going into this painting without any clue, without reference and idea where I was going. Turned out well for that, I think.

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I think I have to keep working on this one. It isn't powerful enough.

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As I don't know where I'm heading right now, it's especially hard to determine what I should change and what I should keep. Should I stay with these colours, or should I introduce some more naturalistic ones? Should I keep the loose gestural style, or add some blocky shapes to complement and contrast them with? Should I add more intuitive marks, or should I think really hard and deduce what is missing?
I feel so lost. Have to push through this soon.

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And I see another session coming, adding juuuust a tiny bit of depth and definition back in. Hope it works out.

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I have feelings about this. I think I know a bit more where I want this to go. But now I have to prepare the birthday party for and do breadwinning work, and I'm painting and painting in my mind...

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@TQ I don't have much to say but I like it. Didn't see drawn persons from you but they match your style very well imho.

I admire that you still find spoons to do your art. I'm in the same position (child birthday preparations and work) and I can hardly motivate myself to do more ^^
And İ love your paintings, thanks for always sharing them!

@kex_nom It's my pleasure!
And I must admit, I'm one who feels pressure when I'm *not* doing art. It was fine for years, but now... It's an existential dread that drives me to dig up spoons when there are none left. I'm sure it would be unhealthy for longer periods of time, but for shorter ones, like 2-4 weeks, it's ok. I can dance on the edge like that.

I'm glad that you're taking care of yourself and not submitting to a burnout.
that takes a lot of strength 🧡

@TQ I love it! Strong energy. It does have a kind of vacuum though, like there isn't anything in between the human figures and the background, like a third layer.

@anarchiv Yes, I think that's true. I need to figure out what do add. Or what to substract.

@TQ I mean, I'd probably buy it as it is if I could, but this is what comes to mind in terms of commentary or advice

The part that is getting my brain stuck is the dark on the left looks like another figure, but the connection to the well defined face is a mystery, and feels disjointed? At least those are the best words I can come up with for what I'm seeing there xD sorry.

@TQ I like it. It seems like a test or a draft or an exercise, not only in style, but also with regards to content. Like painting the artistic questions you are asking yourself. Which is not meant to be deprecative, but rather like opening a new door. I am curious if you will step through.

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