This painting doesn't come easy to me... It's making okay progress, but I can't really tell if I'm getting somewhere with it. Feedback welcome!

This is also one of the super rare occasions I use black paint from the tube.

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@TQ I love it the way it is.
But maybe you didn't use all the space to paint on? Maybe it needs to be bigger, expand over the edge of the canvas?
Or does it lack a story? It seems to me that there is a narration waiting.

@Julia_Schmeer hm. Bigger would be tough. It's 1,2 m x 1 m, and I simply can't paint wider paintings on this wall easel... 😂 But perhaps I'll think about a narration!

@TQ I noticed many narrative elements in your paintings before and this one seems so "straight to the point" in comparison... (which is not bad but maybe part of your feeling that it still needs more work) 😊

Thank you for sharing your work! 💛

@TQ Nothing constructive to say, but my brain would like you to know that it is enjoying the above-the-horizon diverging leading lines very much.

@WeaponizedSoul acrylic paint on unstretched canvas. I like it, too, but I think it needs some work still.

@TQ This has something very psychedelic to it. I love it.

@TQ It looks great! A bit different than the others, especially with the black. Like it! ^^

@TQ I think the second one is really good. It makes me think about realities. I do not know if this really makes sense, but looking at it I ask myself if time is (from my point of view) running forwards or backwards in this picture. Has something happened, or will something happen? The tension goes in both ways. Or sideways: Maybe nothing is happening at all here.

@juni I love it when you write down your thoughts about my paintings! Whenever I chose to paint instead of talk (or even instead of processing something rationally, really), it's like I can't go back to verbalizing what is going on in a painting. Thank you! 💖

@TQ I like it. It's so dream like. You're not sure if it's upside down or not or if reality is about to fall apart anyway.

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