Here's today's work. Not sure if I like it or if I need to put in more work - what are your thoughts? (repost in better quality)

@TQ Looks great - maybe more contrast in the sky if you're not happy with it?

@TQ I like it. The last few you’ve posted have reminded me of atmospheric survival video games like Alan Wake. Dreamy, atmospheric but somehow dangerous.

@sconlan Awesome, that's about what I'm going for! It really is!

@TQ perhaps it's missing a little something (have no idea what) in the top-left quadrant…but overall I really like it!

@jared I've in the mean time made my peace with it and left it alone. 😊 Quite like it now!

@TQ I quite like the overall vibe, to me its quite otherwordly, like there's a sort of mundane road in the bottom left that looks like part of reality then as that vanishes it sort of lets in this almost hallucinogenic tropical tinged forest with some other strange place on the other side in the top right, perhaps where the road goes.

Anyway, that's some ramble, as I said I quite liked it, I could see it being tweaked more I guess but I suck at art so don't really have any useful suggestions

@morix Thank you for your thoughts! I was going for an effect like the one you described, so your words make me very happy!

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