Here is today's work! I wanted to make a painting that looks super glowy and bright. What do you think, did I succeed?
Also: Painting even though I initially didn't want to. But it was a nice session!

Also, there are no trees on this painting. I did not paint them. I only painted light and shadow, color and texture, and it's so funny how this all comes together! See that reflector post there? It's two layers of pink and white color, super simple.
Brains are strange!

@TQ You definitely succeeded at the glowy-nes. :D How did you create all those lines? Did you scratch them into the finished piece?

@Lyrilith in the fresh paint, yes! I really love to do that at the moment!

@TQ It definitely looks great and adds detail. I like it! ^^

@stelepami Thank you, it's good to know that others see the painting in a similar way!

@TQ uh another one of these intense paintings..
They really make my brain happy 😍

@TQ I really need to manage to come over so I can see these in person.

@communeva I'd love that! Also, there will be an exhibition later this year close to Landau, if you can make it?

@communeva Vernissage is Oct. 18th,and it runs for 3 weeks. Open at the weekends and on holidays!

@TQ sounds totally doable. I hope I can make it

@TQ seriously, i think it's just a matter of time until you get the recognition your art deserves, if you keep going and keep putting yourself out there.

because your stuff is great. it's not hobby-artist-great, it's artist-artist great.

@distel @TQ I would hang it on my wall. I would not be surprised to see it in a gallery.

@distel I'll try to remember that! It's tough to put in the amount of work I do and this art world just gives so little back... But I already complained about that thoroughly. 😅

I'll just keep going. Wherever it takes me. That is one thing these road paintings are telling me.

@TQ it’s alive! I’ve got a feeling I was once in a similar place (even if it’s not real). :)

@TQ I absolutely love this series, I actually save for reference for my studies (hope you don't mind ;-;)

What medium do you work with? I can't really tell just by looking.

@littletivor it's acrylic paint in different forms, spray paint, marker, paint from the tube and acrylic ink. I have some videos of my painting process up on Youtube and Instagram, the rest will be there soon!
And no, I don't mind, it's a rare compliment! 💖

@TQ Definitely glowy!

When I first saw it, I thought it was a view of a forest fire through a rainy car windshield. Looking at it closer, it looks like a warm sunset after a rain. c:

@ToonLink Thank you! The car window is definitely correct, I took almost all of the reference photos from inside a car while driving by! (well, @Oecan a driving.)

@TQ these last few paintings are especially stunning, how they combine the abstract and the physical. Their depiction of depth is very pleasing

@lastfuture 😊😘 Thank you! It makes me very happy that you like them!

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