OMG! Look what arrived in the mail! It's the Urban Abstraction Tarot!

The quality is really quite good, the cards are printed nicely and cut very precisely. "The Hermit" must be one of the cards where the printer struggled the most with my strange colors and weird contrasts, but even that one is quite good!

@TQ i looks wonderful! it's a pity that tarot is not my thing. i really love this art!
if they would be just postcards, without their name/number written on them, i would gladly buy them. - I'm in no way requesting such a thing, just thinking out loud...

@knittingsquirrel Would you want to have the whole set then? Or just some of the paintings as prints?

@TQ i guess just some of them would be more accessible moneywise but i would also buy the whole set!

@knittingsquirrel Hm, I don't see why not... Let me think about a way to make this happen.

@knittingsquirrel Looks like Zazzle might be the best place for that. I'll upload my files there and see what's next!

@knittingsquirrel Going slowly and steady.

Think you might be able to simply add the print to *anything* they have on their website. That's neat!

@TQ cooooool! thanks a lot!! looking forward to having your cool art with me! am going to order postcards, later when I'm home!

@knittingsquirrel It's my pleasure! I love it so much when people actually like what I'm doing!

@TQ Those look amazing! I wish I had money.. ^^*

@Lyrilith I just added the paintings as postcard prints to zazzle, which is cheaper! And you can pick and choose which ones you like: - just in case it makes a difference.

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