* is a challenge to get your creative juices flowing! We have committed ourselves to this journey in April 2019. Inspired by the 22 tarot cards of the Major Arcana, we set out to learn new things.
* You can select the Great Arcana card each day corresponding with the day,
* or you can randomly draw a tarot card as a daily inspiration!
There are 2 ways to participate:
* Sketch, draw, do digital art or paint inspired by your card of the day,

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* or take the Fools‘ Journey: Work on one artistic skill and use the cards as inspiration!
Starting on April 1st, we create art for 22 days!

Additional notes:
Use the hashtag .
Use image descriptions, no matter, what platform you use!
You can find a variety of tarot decks here:
You can also draw a card of the day from all decks and cards there:

*) We needed to change the hashtag, it was already taken. 😀

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