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Hello! I feel it's time for an updated . I'm an from Germany, exploring the boundaries between and naturalistic . My art is usually colorful and energetic, and I like to use modern tools like acrylic , and combine them with "traditional" and ink.
I sometimes still do or . But is what I currently enjoy the most!

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OMG! Look what arrived in the mail! It's the Urban Abstraction Tarot!

The quality is really quite good, the cards are printed nicely and cut very precisely. "The Hermit" must be one of the cards where the printer struggled the most with my strange colors and weird contrasts, but even that one is quite good!

shameless self promotion (Redbubble) 

Doodled this cutie during a train ride today. Wanted to give her some color, so I did that quickly with Procreate. :3 I'm loving this color scheme!

Anyone out there able to 3D print some things for me? Obviously I will pay you for the printing and the shipping, and CAD as appropriate if there isn't a default for what I'd like. Mainly lots of small things rather than one big thing.

Would appreciate boosting the toot if you do know other people who can help me out!

#3dprint #3dprinting #CAD

Did it! Sent out two new applications for contests - by snail mail. Can you believe it! Application via 🐌 ✉️ in the year 2019!

It may be tough to get rejections, especially when the work is very dear to you. But one more letter means one more experience and perhaps being a bit less afraid to write an application at all. I can feel the effects of that now, after having received 7 rejection letters from contests and about 5-10 from galleries.
It's okay. It's all about the practice. Lose your fear. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to ~just try it~.

My my, seems like my style changed a bit in the last 4 months. The painting on the bottom is from April, and I was still fully abstract back then. It may look like a landscape, but only vaguely. The one above is from last week. The size alone! And... the colors! And my technique! It's more what *hasn't* changed!

Another sunday, another art timelapse! Here you can paint with me one of my latest paintings, called "When Wet". 😁
If you like it, please feel free to share it, thank you!

This is rendered at 8k, and the full size image was too big to post here and I didn' t want to compress it too much while keeping it 8k because of quality loss, so the one attached to this toot is a small version, and you can download the full 8k version here >

It's not big enough though. I need to go deeper! *plots 16k fractal render*

Another sunday, another art timelapse! Here you can paint with me one of my latest paintings, called "When Wet". 😁
If you like it, please feel free to share it, thank you!

I was looking for someone to perform at my vernissage later this year, and I was incredibly lucky and got Toona!
They are so unbelievably awesome! Give them a listen and boost their signal if you like them (as I do)! ❤️

Today I saw 3 really bad portrait paintings hung up proudly in a kind of ancestral halls in a restaurant. They were newly made portraits with really distorted faces, and they looked unintentionally funny af!

ow I am again considering focusing on portraiture. That's a thing I am quite good at... So here are three portraits of I did last year.

*still hopes for some traditional artists to join the party*

It's almost an afterthought—not the meat of the episode at all—but my ears perked up because those two tiny sentences hold SIX YEARS of hard work, drafting, revision, networking, dedication, and processing. They're placed next to one another so innocently, as if the hard work had already come to pass and it was just a matter of "sitting down" in order for the book to emerge.

Been listening to Going Through It, a podcast about women navigating pivotal decisions in their lives. The episode with Samin Nosrat (of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat fame) is splendid, but the MOST valuable thing about it is the line that comes after she quits her food-related job to become a writer. "Samin left her people-pleasing ways behind in 2011," the host says, "and she sat down at that desk. In 2017 she published her first book [...] which became a bestseller."

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