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Fighting the "It all has already been done!"-feeling by screaming into the void: "But not by meeee!"

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It's time for an update of my , so here we go: Hi, I'm an from Germany, exploring and in all sorts of ways. A .ist by heart, after spending literal decades with monochromatic drawing, I switched to acrylic paint and have never looked back. I'm walking the line between and and enjoy abstract and .
I sometimes do , but is what I enjoy the most!

We now have two ways to buy QBIPOC Stickers, the profits of which will go towards QBIPOC families! You can send me an invoice directly to my paypal, tbh this is best for orders of more than 5 stickers OR you can shop my Etsy shop (where i'll soon be listing other stickers)


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Inspired by her latest post, I decided I had to draw Roxy Vail (itsroxyvail on Instagram). Love her style and modeling photos. If you haven't yet, go check her! 😻

Ohh, how wonderful! If everything goes right, "Judgements, 1" was just sold to some nice collector! 💖

Time for more Halloween apropriate stuff. 🎃 I actually only had the hat and hair style in mind as well as the colors. Everything else just kind of came together. 😸

Today, I did some live sketching. Picking up this skill is still one of my most awesome achievements ever.

I've finally started a new series. It's all about going inwards while going outwards, circular movement and focus. These are the first two works.

You wouldnt believe the early memes from mastodon

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