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Hello! I feel it's time for an updated . I'm an from Germany, exploring the boundaries between and naturalistic . My art is usually colorful and energetic, and I like to use modern tools like acrylic , and combine them with "traditional" and ink.
I sometimes still do or . But is what I currently enjoy the most!

some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

Hmmm, now I'm not sure if the last one is done yet. Probably needs more depth and layers.

Been thinking about "OK Boomer" and why it seems so much more potent than the "Whatever, Grandpa" dismissal of previous generations. I think the difference is "OK Boomer" rejects not just the singular position as out of touch, but also encodes a rejection of an entire culture: you aren't just out of touch, your opinion arises from a worldview that is deemed invalid a priori. Your position is untenable *because* it arises from a cultural paradigm now considered fundamentally harmful. Savage.

I switched from transparent ultramarine blue to a semi opaque phtalo blue. The tones are close enough for my liking, and the opacity really is great! Phtalo blue also mixes beautifully!

Will be streaming some painting in about half an hour on Instagram. If you like, you can watch my current slow progress of developing my style. 😅

Bodies and clothes, body image ~ 

2 More - it’s hard to draw the face in only 5 minutes. It always took me one minute longer for the final touch. #DailySketchChallenge / #30FacesChallenge


Yo! I am a /character designer/#keyframes guy available for some remote work beginning November. Preferably /#animation. DM or email me if interest! :) See more work @ but this is really my current style!


After at least a year I finished this piece.... and im happy, because I was a little bit annoyed by it. And now I like it. Maybe, I’m going to do some details later on.... but for now, finished.

Today’s with the iPad an Procreate. First sketch under 5 minutes, final result way more. At least I caught the facial expression better than yesterday

Finally got my tan paper! Erbenochile Erbeni is a trilobite known for its tall eyes, which contain over 400 lenses and have eye shades, indicating that the species was active during the day.

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