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Hello! I feel it's time for an updated . I'm an from Germany, exploring the boundaries between and naturalistic . My art is usually colorful and energetic, and I like to use modern tools like acrylic , and combine them with "traditional" and ink.
I sometimes still do or . But is what I currently enjoy the most!

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OMG! Look what arrived in the mail! It's the Urban Abstraction Tarot!

The quality is really quite good, the cards are printed nicely and cut very precisely. "The Hermit" must be one of the cards where the printer struggled the most with my strange colors and weird contrasts, but even that one is quite good!

I'm so happy about the opportunity, so grateful. But I'm so stressed out about how to achieve this. I've wrecked my brain for the last day, and the easiest way would probably be to sew some kind of backing into to and bottom for stability and hang it that way. Without framing for the moment. Oh my...

I was asked to lend some paintings to the town hall where my exhibition starts next week. Problem is: I don't have them ready to be displayed. I paint on unstretched canvas for various reasons, and if I want to display them, I first need to find a way to do so.
And I only have about a week to get things done, and my week is already filled with a birthday party, a trip to Frankfurt book fair, hanging my paintings for my exhibition, and the vernissage! And I'm as good as out of vacation days...!

Just like intellectuals made 'queering' into a toothless thought experiment that doesn't really effect queers, they seem to be doing the same to the verb 'decolonize'.

To decolonize means to stop the process of colonialism and get the colonist out.

So you can't decolonize a museum by changing the wording of the signs, you have to actually return the stolen art, ALL of it.
You can't decolonize Anthropology by writing papers. You have to actually stop studying POC to advance your white career.

I've come a long way from "I'm just not good with colors, I should stick to pencil drawings". And this is hard work. 0% talent. I've worked for years almost exclusively on coloration, getting a feeling for colors. Sometimes working on artist quick sketches, sometimes for weeks on the same painting. It is worth it.

If you're currently struggling with learning something new, please let me tell you: You can do this. You can!

Things the previous versions needed:
More definition in some places
Less definition on others
More depth
Just some hints of red and green in a careful examination of the color palette used
More layers
More thought

You know what's the toughest part in being an artist? For me, it's coming out of my comfortable hiding hole of anonymity and standing by my work in public. Waiting for strangers to throw rotten tomatoes at me or - worse - laugh at me. Ah, the horrors of being an artist...

So I decided to make another run of those tees 🐺
They're up for preorder here:

They're sold directly by the printer, and the good thing is you can choose either long or short sleeves!
The design will be screenprinted in white on black tees (couldn't make the moon silver this time)

I have feelings about this. I think I know a bit more where I want this to go. But now I have to prepare the birthday party for and do breadwinning work, and I'm painting and painting in my mind...

forgot to post but some fan art of lina inverse! i do this prolly once yearly kjdhf

I've decided on a name for my female orc hacker: Olivia! Last name is not important. And you can't be certain Olivia is her real name. >:3 I already made her a friend.. who now also needs a name.. ^^°

Today’s prompt was „bone familiar“, according to the motto „Heite grob ma Tote aus“, a Song by Voodoo Jürgens.

In English it means „Today we dig up the dead“

Eigentlich wollte ich ja heute aufholen und 2-3 Zeichnungen machen aber dann bin ich ein wenig eskaliert beim Prompt Bone Familiar. Also nur die heute. #AInktober #inktober2019

And I see another session coming, adding juuuust a tiny bit of depth and definition back in. Hope it works out.

Hey, y'all. The Asexual Journal is currently taking submissions on aromantic identity:

"Submissions may intersect with topics such as deconstructing romance, navigating romantic expectations, expressions of aromantic identity, sociological analyses of aromanticism, and more. Submissions may include poetry, artwork, essays, abstract work, and more."

The deadline is November 15th. I'll be writing about voidpunk.

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