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Hello! I feel it's time for an updated . I'm an from Germany, exploring the boundaries between and naturalistic . My art is usually colorful and energetic, and I like to use modern tools like acrylic , and combine them with "traditional" and ink.
I sometimes still do or . But is what I currently enjoy the most!

How to fit a face mask 

Hm, perhaps I need to do some fixing tomorrow... 😐

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You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

Want to sew masks, but not sure what pattern to use?

This document* links to designs that have been reviewed by medical professionals, as well as data on fabric filtration.

*Yes, it's a Google doc.

Everyone is making a coronazine. Me too.

I can’t draw, my penmanship is awful.

The words are true enough.

“I’m having trouble filling my days. My days are having trouble filling me.”


shameless self promotion (RedBubble) 

Painting in the morning is wonderful. Should do it more often.
Here are parts XVII and XVIII of the Lockdown Landscapes.

results of catmull-rom splines drawn through centroids of a KMeans clustering model fit on a few hundred random points from a normal distribution. produces some pleasing forms imo

using uniform noise makes them a bit more boxy, adding a bit of shear makes them look vaguely italic. starting to look like a wedding invitation now, for better or worse

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Felt like drawing a little tree house shop for funsies 🌳 🐥 🍄 🍀

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