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I'm becoming more and more aware what kind of I want to make:
I want my art to be spontaneous. Like a feeling straight from the gut. No self-censoring.
I don't want to pack additional meaning into my paintings. I don't want to construct it consciously. Subconsciously has to suffice.
I want my art to be accessible. I want it to be raw, understandable without the need to know too much about art, art history etc.
I want my art to be easy to ship, without excessive amounts of waste.

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So here we go again! This is yet another replication of myself in the fediverse. I want to use this account to connect to other artists and post my artsy stuff. I've acquired a taste for different styles and techniques: I love with and and like . So here are some of my more pieces!

Spent an hour updating my saatchiart page. I have no idea if it's even worth it. But perhps it will help with visibility... Does anyone have experience with saatchiart to actually *sell* original art?

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Oh shit. N.K. Jemisin is giving away one for her world building lecture for free!

"The Thought Alone". I really like the colors here!

Picture shows a painting of a person from above, focusing on the bold head of the person. It is quite abstract, blues and pinks dominate. There are lively squiggles all over.

Just marked two of my least fav paintings as "not for sale". Will go over those two with markers and ink and have some FUN! *evil laughter*

I updated my website! And I have found a name for the style I'm currently painting in, no, two: Urban Abstraction or Urban Abstract Expressionism.

"Flying won't set you free (because nothing will)."
Another abstract landscape painting! I love the fluorescent pink, but I think I'll stick with gold. The silver here doesn't sparkle enough, perhaps it will on darker paper.

Picture shows an abstract painting that looks a tiny bit like a river landscape. There are scribbles and squiggles all over, dominating colors are white, pinks and blues.

Two and a half hours later I know that Molotow markers are the BEST (I've tried).

Also, my paintings now look like drawings, but who cares.

I got acrylic markers and I'm going to use them!

"Trans Rights are Human Rights." Acrylic abstract landscape with lots of texture. I love this one!

Picture shows an abstract landscape painting in gold and turquoise with accents of yellow, red and blue. It looks like a serene lake with a golden sun rising. The title can be found on the lower left side of the painting.

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"All dreams are lies". Another abstract art with street art aesthetics. I love this one very much!

Picture shows a semi-abstract landscape painting that depicts a mirroring lake with mountains in the distance. There are squiggles, shapes and words written all over it, giving it a resemblance to heavily tagged street art.

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Quand tu n'as pas le temps de laisser sécher tes travaux après le cours de modèle vivant…

#fail #mastoart quand même.

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I didn't like this day's prompt so I did redrew another frame. There isn't enough (good) kangaroo representation in film– this certainly isn't good either but if you only focus on the 'roos…

"But I don't see color!" Another new painting. More wild. More political. Because we all have to unlearn our intrinsic racism.
No exceptions.

The image shows a very bright, very wild abstract painting. The dominating shapes are squiggles and spiky scribbly lines, going over each other. The colorful brightness is almost overwhelming.

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Oh, one word about acrylic markers that are really bad quality: Amsterdam. Save your money, they are really terrible.

So I really enjoy painting with acrylic markers at the moment. That is, if they work. Which some simply don't.

I've ordered a bunch of new ones from Molotow and Liquitex. Liquitex makes some good markers, the acrylic paint just isn't always to my liking in terms of opacity. I'm very curious to see how the Molotow ones behave. My experience with that brand up until now are quite good.

Also ordered some silver paint, because I didn't have silver paint. Don't know how I survived.

Tbh, one can only see the traces of the first painting in the edges and on the sides. 😂

Here I have two stages of the same painting. It's almost unrecognizable!
I really like the direction in which my style is developing! It's a bit graffiti like and reads to me as urban and lived in.

The first painting shows a rather calm rendering of abstract colors and shapes. The second one is more wild, with more scribbles and squiggles. It can be seen as an abstract landscape.

I was in the city today, had some nice coffee and time to sketch the Café. It's strange how doing so much abstract work makes my sketching more loose and free!

Attached image shows a quick sketch with ink and watercolor of the interior of a cafe. There are wooden beams and a person standing in front of a coffee machine.

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