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So here we go again! This is yet another replication of myself in the fediverse. I want to use this account to connect to other artists and post my artsy stuff. I've acquired a taste for different styles and techniques: I love with and and like . So here are some of my more pieces!

Ah, I put 9 online! 😀

Now there are only 9 new ones offline I haven't even taken pictures of! 😱

Putting aaaaall* new abstract paintings up on my homepage!

*) Well, the first 8 at least. The rest is still in the studio.

Whoa. Whoa. I knew the internet is full of scammers and ppl who want to rob your pants off of your butt. But I didn't know there's a whole industry of scamming "art galleries" like "Marco Antonio Patrizio" or the "Brick Lane Art Gallery", that let you pay upfront for events or shows that may or may not happen.

And... Fake galleries are so mean, because they feed on the hope of artists. Yikes.

Ugh, I'm so disgusted.

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Sooooo happy to ready that Free Music Archive is staying online and functional and going forward!!!

"In the coming weeks, we will reopen artist/curator uploads and our Music Submission form and resume our regularly scheduled audio weirdness, curated playlist posts, and new releases here on our blog."

I'm having so much fun with abstract art I'm not sure if I can go back to more figurative art! 😱

This one's also done on unstretched canvas, so really easy to pack and ship! I hate how you have to pack stretched canvas, it's soooo wasteful!
It's pretty big, about 40 cm x 60 cm

Oh, a new abstract painting? Yeah! This one took 4+ sessions. I'm pretty happy with the outcome!

Image shows an abstract painting in light blue (top) and dark blue and ochre (bottom). It looks pretty complex with lots of scratching, layering and additional lines.

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Wow! Someone just bought this painting from me, and I'm like 😱😱😱😱😱

Also: wow, my style has changed...!

Image shows a forest, painted in an expressionistic and loose way. It's in tones of light blue, the trees are almost silhouettes in front of the light source that is behind them.

Another abstract painting!
Image shows an abstract painting dominated by very badly scratched patches of ochre, horizontally divided by darker cloudy shapes in blue and brown. The whole painting is very restless.

Hello! Here is my latest abstract painting!

Image shows an abstract painting in mostly blue tones. It is almost divided horizontally by darker colors and it is lighter in the top half. There are blocky cloud shapes in ochre and teal.

Here, , have this abstract painting!

Picture shows an abstract painting in tones of light blue, reddish brown and a huge shape of ochre. The shapes slightly flow into one another, and there are scratches on them.

I accidentally stumbled into an art gallery and had a nice chat with the owner and he wanted my business cards and GUESS WHAT I didn't have them with me.

Had to write my website down on scrap paper.

Oh, I'm such a pro!

Just wanted to build a patreon page, now I ended up installing a shopping system on my wordpress installation.
Ahhh... Me in a nutshell, I guess.

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This isn’t a subtoot to anyone just general FYI that dogpiling, micro-aggressions (aggressiveness against anyone from poking fun to bullying etc) is against y/our ToS & I will delete those trolling accounts here or even if I see it from an ALT account. Enjoy & thanks for inspiring all others positively & constructively.


(Also watch how I almost never wash out my one paint brush I use and keep scratching the paper bare and paint in my fav super warm sweater while constantly fearing to ruin it.)

Hello art people! If you like, watch my magical spray bottle and me create an abstract painting! Here you go:

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