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Fighting the "It all has already been done!"-feeling by screaming into the void: "But not by meeee!"

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It's time for an update of my , so here we go: Hi, I'm an from Germany, exploring and in all sorts of ways. A .ist by heart, after spending literal decades with monochromatic drawing, I switched to acrylic paint and have never looked back. I'm walking the line between and and enjoy abstract and .
I sometimes do , but is what I enjoy the most!

Today I packed one of my favorite paintings for shipping. I'm at the same time sad it'll be gone and suuuper happy it goes to a wonderful person who'll cherish it!

Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these.

are you painting? sometimes it is helpful to think of light as a bouncing ball that comes in and out of the view. it hits things and goes off in angles. there's a rhythm to it! #mastoart

I have printer issues rn so if you want art prints, please go to my inprnt shop:
There's free worldwide shipping today!

And here's a pretty cat

I haven't posted here in forever (sorry) but happy (late) ace week!!

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ I'm Anvi, a hobby artist currently living in Vienna. Super excited to join this instance and connect with other artists ❀️ I love urban sketching and drawing people. I also like making silly doodles. PM me your favorite mastodon artists 🌟

Not really feeling it the last few days.. But I managed this doodle during a train ride yesterday.

I love that other people, too, would like to bring new life to the β€œold web”. Michael Lewis built a search engine for personal websites only that can be searched for hobbies or just curious topics :)

I've also taken a whole bunch of pictures of me. I had this great lipstick on and a very nice background!
(selfies, some with eye contact)

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Today's work. I'm back to doing more calligraphic, more informal expressive work. But this time on canvas, and big. The first two works are only 40cm x 60cm, the third is 50cm x 80cm, the last one is 60cm x 80cm.

Helpful comments and critique much appreciated!

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This afternoon's work. Trying to slip back to fully abstract art, which is terribly difficult for me on a bigger canvas (70cm x 70cm).
Halfway through I came back to the prompt "the birth of glass" by @DaveHiggins

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I somehow think it might be too... Pretty? I don't know.

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