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Orrr maybe this is close enough to count as an art exorcism?

But how can I be *sure* , with Mysterio's dirty trickery afoot? (I kept the fuzzy borders because... Well, it's fitting <3

Although I god-damn swear, *one* of these days I'm gonna get that redesign of ol' Fish-Bowl Head painted to my bloody satisfaction... Today is not (yet? maybe?) this day...

Essentially, I'm experimenting with what the oil brushes can do, as I sometimes do every now and again.

So, just doodling along, when suddenly... FANNING AND LIP/KNUCKLE BITING INTENSIFIES. (CW: Partial nudity)

For 4, I went to the source to one of the oldest ghost stories that could arguably be a banshee.

"Iiiiit will not beeee long now... Tiiiil our... Weddinggg daaaaayyyy..."

Huh. Less than half an hour to do a crow? Well, that's actually pretty pleasant. And as to 3 status, well, I'm pretty sure a crow with a glowing, fiery eye in a sickly green cloud is... Not exactly inspiring for the future, is it?

Aaaanyway, for anyone who wanted to watch a feller doodle merrily away at some artmemes, the vid's right here:

I was somewhat messier for , but still, I was okay with my doppelganger coming for me, and Black Shuck, in (one of) his usual home(s) of a deserted crossroads.

First up, for , these three. A smoky steampunk roboty thing, Compu-Teach (A bright robot who is FACTUALLY CORRECT 100% OF THE TIME), and the winner of this year's Robot Hide and Seek, BoxBoy! (I had noooo clue what to do for Paper XD)

Well, that wasn't too bad! Streamed a couple of hours, quickly sketched out five prompts (three for March of the Robots, two for Omens), and everyone seemed to have an alright time. πŸ˜„

Okay, let's be tryin' this! Artmeme stream, March of the Robots and Omens, CLIP Studio funtimes, at the usual place,

Hrm... Well, That's kind of "D'Sparil as He-Man Sorcerer" , but y'know what, I'm still counting that as bein' on a roll. XP

For anyone who doesn't get it (Unlikely here, but wth, repost XD), and has an artfriend, ask them how it feels to get a picture they've had bouncing around their braincase for several years *out* <3

Very often, you'll get those same three words "Oh. Hell. Yes."

Oh. Hell. Yes. Took hunting down the original tweets (3 years, good lord!) , but finally, Pamela Iseley makes a Jurassic Park reference. 😈

Ha, to think that one comment has now led to a year of multiple attempts at this design of Poison Ivy. Still, this is already looking like it's gonna be the best yet.

(Now if only I could get D'Sparil out of my head with similar panache)

Wooo, birthday! And what better way to show my happiness by drawing a big, angry nerd from a 90s anime?

Don't answer that, just enjoy Gogol lookin' like he's gonna lay down the hurtin'

Couldn't sleep, and my brain isn't seemingly in an "original arts" mode, so here's a fanart of Heather McGowrie, aka "Cateran" from Champions: New Millennium. A big lass who's nonetheless been around enough centuries to be a *friendly* villainess, as they go.

A quick and dirty grayscale of the... Staufian villain gamer love to hate.

Feeling... *Lonely* ?!?

I'm particularly proud of the deets on two of them in particular. Knowing my line-art can sometimes be a wee bit thin, I've enlarged them (Bottle and "exhaustion" ghost.)

Wonder how DGC got so thirst-exhausted... πŸ€” (Totes nothing to do with the *other* 9 cuties... 😍)

Thanks to Jesse Zhang (iamprikle on birdsite) , I had a nice palate cleanser of a drawing meme to play with, and I dare say, I had a good time with it.

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