Mmm, I do so love it when a sketch comes together. A man who has very accurately judged the correct action when a giant hand comes for you.

And a speedpaint of a walky, rather than stompy, but still giant mech.

Some tasteful Bear content. On the one hand, good anatomy practice to do muscles. On the other, I wanted to draw a Bear. XD

Two arts for the fans of Orc GFs and stronk ladies. Please hand the latter a towel, and lightly tell off the former for tempting fate...

God, thinking about QIREX brings back some memories. Like the fact the original game (and Fusion) had individual pilots. Like this unlikely pair: The rage filled Arian Tetsuo, and icy cold long-time champion, Kel Solaar.

I don't know what brought this one on... But I sure do wanna meet her trainer...

An old warrior, very amused by the presumption. And I shall call him Alaric.

Did a portrait of Ron Mael, memorable band member of equally memorable band Sparks.

A quick sketch for all the villain lovers out there of a Harkonnen. He says he's Feyd Rautha, but you know what they say about Harkonnens and trust...

@aldersprig She's Scots, she's metal af, and she *drinks pussy* ! (A gay friend of mine loves the joke behind that particular energy drink, so I couldn't help but make that addition. πŸ˜‚ )

Well, it turned into more "Animal girls" than *Monster* Girls, but still, I love all my bestial children.

1) Highland Cow. Much Scots.
2) Marmoset.
3) Snowy Owl

Oh, what the heck. Let's stream this, since I finally have an idea. Doodling (SFW) Monstergirls.

Right, well, gonna nap, and then, at around 2AM UTC, it's time for more... Drawing Circus funtimes! I'll be up against Alexis B (Alexis_draws@birdsite) , and the host, as always, is WobblyPython (WobblyPython@birdsite.) The usual place for Drawing Circus is

Provisional cel of the one I didn't post, Tabitha. She's a BAD KITTY. 😻

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Needed to destress so I *slightly* jumped the gun on character avatars for a jam I'm hopefully taking part in. Just doodles right now, but soon, soooooon. 😻

@Brainship Ehehehe, you can almost hear the dramatic posing and poetic declarations of villainy, can't you? 😍

I didn't have more than these two right now for fave ship dynamics, but... I like 'em. :D

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