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Hrm, there's a thought. Would Masto.Art folks like to know what's in my library, to see if there's any books they might find interesting and/or useful? Might make for a fun thread, as... Well, I've got a fair few artbooks.

Heck, I've even learned things from some of them! 😋

Right, done with updates for now (thankfully) , two versions of an art I did early in the morning, but couldn't upload due to odd troubles.

Well, er... I'm still good at adding textural interest? I mean, I'm trying to look on the bright side of having taken an unintended left turn into horrortown. (cw: Zombiegirl that looks a little like Regan from the Exorcist...)

Y'know... I *should* sleep... But now I don't want to. 😱 (CW: Well, it creeps *me* the fuck out!)

Well, I needed the practice drawing both environments and panels, so, er... Sketch of what at first seems your standard pan through a dead ship in a sci-fi movie?

Rare example of me trying something a little more stylistic. Also, y'know, robutt.

Yep, does look like that, combined with the IFX Anatomy section on feetses works, cool!

Now to not forget this, like I've done with quite a few construction methods over the years... 😂

Hrm. This construction method *seems* like it'll work (Although I need to improve my foot game.)

Only one way to find out, see you in an hour or two!

Not finished, but it's 4AM, and cute enough to satisfy my urge to draw someone cute.

Yo, anybody hire a decker?

Hokay, lower arms and abs done, I'm mostly satisfied (I think just hands now, then move onto another subject)

Also, for your interest, how drastically facial/chest hair can change a character.

(Don't get me wrong, though, super proud of the fact that's some quality head-work, and facing down too, which is an angle I always have trouble with!)

The upside of taking your time to get things right the first time: Holy shit, looking good!

The downside: God-dammit, it's been an hour, *please* let me get to the lower arms sometime today! 😭

(Also known as "Lots of things you want to draw, ne'er enough time")

One last doodle tonight, and lo, 'tis an Orcish lady of great cheer!

Art's going in odd directions today, but y'know what? I'm okay with this. Especially since that isn't a bad title font, all told. Not a great one, but it mostly works.


On the one hand, there are perspective and anatomy errors. On the other, this isn't bad for one of those times I've tried more than one character.

Two moustachioed gents, having a nice rest and enjoying each other's company (CW: Nudity)

As is proving to be "Often the case" , super anxious before counselling appt tomorrow, so... Portrait of the artist in his natural state.


One last ink tonight, and it's inking over a wikipedia photo of Brian Bolland. Because, y'know, I love his inking.

Sooomebody's reading Creepy again, and trying to take inking tips from said tome. :P (I need to use smaller brushes for the fiddlier hatching, but for now, this ain't half bad.)