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Hrm, there's a thought. Would Masto.Art folks like to know what's in my library, to see if there's any books they might find interesting and/or useful? Might make for a fun thread, as... Well, I've got a fair few artbooks.

Heck, I've even learned things from some of them! 😋

Haha, okay, even though it probably won't work for Light Noveltober, "Help! I Was A Games Critic Until I Reviewed This Game, And Now I'm The *Goodest* Boy!!" was goofy enough to draw.

Send reassuring pets and scritches to...

Huh. What *started* as anatomy studying type dealybobbery turned into a sort of... Pinup cyborg?

Hands down, the most lighthearted nude I've drawn. She's having so much *fun* ! (Image CW'd for full nudity)

Drawing Circus is *LIVE* ! AdrianneAKA and Spooky Dinosaur, returning for more quickfire artsing, at !

I haven't given up on , I'm just... Horribly horribly behind! But I did immediately zero in on the angle for 25 - Rock Princess. A melancholy one. Remember me, my faithful subjects...

For 12, keeping it super simple, to fit the mood.

"I once met a woman who claimed to have been a princess of another world, but came to this one out of love. And who am I to gainsay that? Who is anybody, to try?"

For 11... Well, a Cruel Sun Princess, in October? Horrortime!

As is often the case when I'm heavily behind on things like , I go for the first idea I have, no matter how silly.

10 - "You'll regret crossing Moth Princess, buster!!!"

Ehehehe. I swear I'll catch up with Inktober, but, in the meantime...

HI! My name is DAVE, how may I eat you today?

Drew a Tank Girl in under 10 minutes, feel a bit better now. (Image CW'd for partial nudity)

For 9, I thought I'd experiment with style a little, and use minimal shading. As little as I could get away with.

Anyway, fashionably late, my Precious Spider Princess. 😍

Finally, for 8, I just cut it super loose. Unlike our Functional Princess, who is prepared for any situation... Except maybe moving in all that workwear.

Okay, so I'm going off prompt for the second catchup with , but... Hands up if you *suddenly* realised "Bosozoku Princess" is an awesome idea?

Playing catchup with 6. Library Princess *was* studying, but Media Studies, as it turns out, can lead to some odd, spacelike nightmares... DON'T DO IT, LIBRARY PRINCESS!

I was in another Drawing Circus (Which is now, btw, every Saturday now) , specifically, the first October Spooktacular!

It was good fun, as always, and a good show.

Gonna give it a rest for now, but it is somewhat encouraging that taking away the "ink" layer doesn't *substantially* alter the readability. Lineless is second image.

Struggling my way through both painting again, and being a big ol' nerd.

So, anyway, here's Sludge Vohaul progress so far... About four hours in now.

Okay, and Wobtober 4 done (Mouse Princess, who is "cursed" to be too damn rad. Hrm, reminds me of someone...)

Also, slightly hidden proof I at least *thought* about puttin' the prompt in there too? (Swooning chicken ladies are hard, alright?)

For 4, I would like to remind folks of Rule #23 of the Principia Princessia: Never, EVER let Candy Princesses near shrinking spells. Even when this rule has been hastily scratched out, written over, or otherwise defaced.

Now, WobblyPython quite rightly pointed out that I missed his theme today, so remember.

Vote Waluigi. Because Nintendo sure didn't.

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