I can't believe I found this gem at a used game store! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

I have to travel to NYC for work purposes this week and I can already say that the most important part of my trip is going to be visiting the Nintendo Store

Just saw a car with "5NAF" on the license plate...there's absoluty NO WAY that's not intentional, and I refuse to believe otherwise.

I've seen the app floating around, so I just HAD to make my girls Plume and Velvet πŸ’–πŸŒŸ

Okay, I finally have a day to myself! Time to get some personal work done!!!

Wow, the Mulan movie looks so incredibly fresh! It's honestly the only Disney live action I've had any interest in seeing.

Guess who's hyped for Story of Seasons for Switch???

Oh gross, why is a Trump Rally ad the first thing I'm seeing when I go to YouTube?

Aviary Attorney is just...pure genius. I can't stop cracking up at the dialogue!

I see a bunch of people doing Rymesonas and I wanna do one, too, but I'm having trouble choosing just one Pokemon partner!
This might be the most difficult decision of my life.

Okay. I've been meaning to go on a Japan trip for like a million years now. It's finally time to start saving up. If I don't, at this rate, I'll never end up going!

KonMari-ing my life a little bit today ✨🌟

Noooooo, my nearest Uniqlo isn't carrying their Splatoon shirts yet!!! 😭

I finally took a few days off from work! About time, me! I need some serious R&R.

I'm finally playing , and just...oh, my god. I can't believe I waited this long to play it.

Also, these are the cards that came in my pack!
I actually got Psyduck, but my friend really wanted it, so I offered to trade for her Lickitung. Then her husband got Snubbull and saw how much I loved it, and he offered to trade.

"Detective Pikachu" was SO MUCH FUN! It's such a cute movie, and I seriously do recommend seeing it. My friend and I were basically gushing the whole time at all the cute likes Pokes πŸ’–

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