A couple’o fish adopts I decided to whip up!
Both are $35, check thread for availability! <3

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

Haha lightning go brrrrr
Finished on-sale full body for @nisima ! Thank you sm<3

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

🎵”Alright, come close
Let me show you everything I know
The jungle slang
Spinning 'round my head and I stare”🎵

“Pressure couldn’t squash me and fire wouldn’t burn
These are the things that I never will learn”

Drew this over the weekend! I don’t feel like finishing it, but wanted to share anyway<3

Some quickline sketches💕

I’d like to practice scenes and color theory a little more, hopefully one of these days I feel motivated to finish up a sketch!

If you could have any random talent in the whole world, what would it be and why?

Phantom of the opera hypothetical animal cast; I'd love to hear opinions and feedback! This is for a possible animated short film I'd like to make 😁

Raoul; Ring-necked pheasant
Christine; Paris Canary
Phantom/Erik; Giant flying fox bat

Guys I need your immediate help
@ musical theater nerds

What animal would Erik from Phantom of the Opera be? (Aka Phantom)

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