delicious 🍳
i bought some mini canvases and have been really excited to paint on them! starting off with egg, of course.

hey any artists got experience using sonarpen on android? please boost so i can get a decent sample size

@sachairiah I think it's just supposed to be a fun way of making a video for an illustration

@LoMakesComics RIP lmao

I have two powershell apps I've made and they involved a lot of screaming

What started out as a character design exercise evolved into a gin label design. Here is the fascist-eating mascot of the fictitious distillery, Hellmouth Gins

@jendrawscomics I was about to reply with an anecdote and then thought "wait that's probably actually not helpful given what she just said" lmao

I meant this to be like a two second drawing but then it took longer, so i wasted a bunch of time AND it's sloppy lol

anyway LONG STORY SHORT our party is in the Underdark and Ilix has gotten it into her head that she could be a bridesmaid, even if it's for an evil god wedding

so here she is doodling herself as a bridesmaid in her spellbook

That horror anthology I submitted to... 

@LoMakesComics congrats!!

@jendrawscomics that's so close tho I will be dead when bp finishes lol

@LoMakesComics I was thinking you were still recovering some from your surgery and saw this and thought "uh oh"

Re: Selfies, advice wanted I'd avoid the "gamer-y" look, just bc of how stereotypical people can still be about stuff like that.

I like the 3rd picture from the first post & the 1st pic from the second. Maybe a version of the lavender shirt with your hair in front would look good?

Just an idea, but if you want to go with a hat in the pic, maybe an outdoor shot would be nice? If you can get it to work.

I'd think some cropping to tighten the whole thing up would really help, too!


I work full time on art now, so please consider getting something!

NSFW is priced differently, but is considered.


Full body:
$100 inks
$150 full color
$200+ model sheet/custom

$80 ink
+$30 for color


#commissionMe #commission #art


I got them a bit ago but it was very clear right away that the paper I had wasn't going to show me any significant difference between my other pencils, so I'm finally properly trying them and they're wonderful

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