Alright would anyone be interested in like

$20 avatar commissions or something

@jendrawscomics yeah if they really take off you could up it little by little? but otherwise prob don't worry too much

@jendrawscomics yeah if you do something low def make it +pay what you want

no idea on the base price tho lol

I haven't done one for Mark yet at all and I kinda want to redo Nat as a better fish so they might be on the table also

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i'm drawing mermay stuff over on twitch today

starting with hazard, lol

@jendrawscomics they DID try delivery and it worked GREAT but they must not have been getting enough sales with it bc they closed pretty soon after I tried it :(

@sachairiah think of how good at drawing wings you're gonna be one day tho

@jendrawscomics yeah I think it's specifically so they can have numbers

Brian got tested bc he had symptoms and his test came back negative, but they told him they believed it was a false negative and considered him to have it

everyone needs to be acting like they're potential carriers regardless


@g nook doesn't even bat an eye

@jendrawscomics yeah here's the playlist they did of it, the first episode is crazy but they ultimately drop that theory

@jendrawscomics i think they were planning on turning it into a movie, so it never properly ended!

but yeah that's the one, i missed it when it was on twitter so i only saw it on youtube after the fact

@jendrawscomics the one i watched was by Game Theory and i remember it being so fucking weird bc the original theory they did was basically SUPER fucked up (the names mapped up to a real life court case??) but then later episodes they totally dropped that idea

i actually don't... remember how it ended so maybe i should rewatch it

@jendrawscomics omg

petscop itself is hard for me to keep focused on but the breakdowns of it are a lot of fun

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