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Hey everyone, I'm Emily and I make an electric superteen webcomic called Blitz Phoenix!
I do mostly comic art, but occasionally post stand-alone illustrations.

⚡️ blitzphoenix.com/
⚡️ patreon.com/sunscales
⚡️ ko-fi.com/sunscales
⚡️ twitter.com/SunScales

New bird design, based on a duck. I spent some time to lay out differences between three main groups of bird people yesterday: flyers, swimmers, and runners.

Swimmers can fly but not as well as flyers, & runners can't fly at all. It's basically a way to include flightless birds and waterfowl in the designs.

The groups also have anatomy differences. Flyers have separate arms/wings, while swimmers/runners have them connected. Runners' wings are different from swimmers, tho. More on that later.

Don't know if y'all're interested, but on the off chance anyone would like a print, I tossed Pudge and his mummy up on Redbubble too:


(if not, please boost- every little bit helps me make a little bit more art 😊🙏)

Results of the earlier sketch, now with marker colors! It had been a while since I played with copics, and it was a very nice change of pace to do so!

Bird urn progress, working on the head tonight. Have to stop bc the clay is a bit tough on my hands.

Sealed up the holes in the head, may still need some layers to cover up bits of metal sticking out. Was gonna stop there bc my hands hurt, but that was really unsatisfying so I did the beak.

Beak isn't totally fixed on in case I still need to adjust the head, but looks good, I think.

Hmm I've been giving all the birds so far a standard three fingers, one thumb, but varying feet based on bird species...

Some birds have three front toes plus one back toe, but some have more of an X shaped foot.

Would it be too weird to give some characters two thumbs?? Haha

The head might honestly get a lot easier if I stick a ball of tin foil in it, I keep forgetting that's an option in some parts of this.

Made progress on my bird urn last night, not as much as I'd wanted though. The plan is to have the neck support the head, and have either a floor or a shelf inside the head for it to sit on the neck.

Using the smaller head I made weeks ago but realized it was too big, so instead of remaking it, I bended some parts with pliers so the curve for the head would br lower.

Last pic is setting up a base for the shelf/floor, whatever I decide to go with. Might need to make the neck longer.

drew this big borb for a professor of mine

Do you want 2 page updates every week?

💖 patreon.com/catherineese💖

Another pic of the bird lady! No name for her yet though.

I guess if I *might* make a comic in this style I should probably work on shading that’s more light-source based and less depth-focused (like with my regular cel shading). So that’ll be something to practice.

Quick lunchtime sketch of a bird lady, not done yet but wanted to share it for the moment. She’ll have robes and color markings later.

What's really cool about planning an episodic comic with no real plot is I can write down any random ideas for small stories and flesh them out whenever I feel like it.

Blitz Phoenix is too structured for something like that so most random ideas would be bonus content (if I can't work them into the main plot), but once the main story gets past where that spot would fit, I'm less inclined to actually make it.

📣 CSP is on sale again, so if you've been waiting to buy it, now's a good time!!


Cheap version is $25, which this probably has everything you need anyway. My favorite program for inking, and has some really great tools specifically for making comics easier.

I really should be asleep but I wanted to finish this, I’ve had the lines for this for months and just haven’t been able to figure out how to color it. Finally got it done.

oh whoops meant to say this was done in procreate on my ipad pro