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Hey everyone, I'm Emily and I make an electric superteen webcomic called Blitz Phoenix!
I do mostly comic art, but occasionally post stand-alone illustrations.


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A friendly reminder that if you could see yourself enjoying a small comics/narrative art-focused social community like, feel free to send me a DM and I can set you up with an invite!

Open to any creative people who like good stories and who are kind, supportive, inclusive, and good beans all around. Come join us at Camp!

🌲 ⛺ 💚🏔️ 🌌

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Also, if you'd like to direct y/our artsy & creative friends to enjoy the power of the :fediverse: of artsy folks, you have many options: :squishygecko: :tootplanet: for your :tumblsink: NSFW friends

or search :mastodon:

Thanks for supporting the fediverse & inspiring others!

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:mastoart: Please watch the use of cross-posters from twitter - it’s basically a bot & I block bots. Depending on the posts, I may silence you for ignoring the timeline from t. You can post from here to the dumpster fire. :bowie_stardust: Your followers deserve better & enjoy the human interaction we came here to enjoy. AND are open! :louis_toots_too:


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Okay now that I have established rapport here I can start spamming elves

Here's my friend's character in moonkin kigurumi!

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Drew a couple of my OCs dressed as little campers!

Emily 🐝 boosted are extended thru to Sun. Invite your friends & thank you for inspiring others.

As always, let them know of y/our :masto: positive & constructive community's terms w that invite code to help build this place in your eyes—this ain't tumblr or t.

If you're means are understandably limited then please boost, fave, follow and enjoy the other artists' inspiration. & if you can ever contribute $upport:

ok my new account is over here: @SunScales

please follow my other account if you want to keep up with me since I might be slimming down how many followers I have on my .art account ❤️

I'll also go follow people when I'm back at home later

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Did I miss y/our post‽ :frida_y_animalitos: OR a fave post? Please dm me to boost anytime. This account aint run on algorithms :make_like_edmonia: but only your inspiration. :bob_ross:

I'm so dumb I can't believe I only just now realized you can pin the local timeline so it doesn't get covered by the right-side tab changing when you select posts

Me, a fool

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For those returning to :mastoart: after a hiatus, your home feed will repopulate after about 5-10 minutes. It does this to save resources - ie stops delivering your mail when on vaca. Refresh your browser if you don't see much. Also, if all you see is my boosts then follow more people. We have new emojis too! Welcome back!
:frida_y_animalitos: :bob_ross: :make_like_edmonia: :bowie_stardust: :mona_kiss: :hot_sauce: :bear_hugs: :coffee_mug: & others

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And if comics are your thing to refer your tumblr friends to! You have two amazing :mastoart: alums turned admins of their own instances at (a-z):
—run by @Rheall
—run by @ThatTupperKid

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While i'm looking into y/our image server being down please feel free to let your tumblr friends know about NSFW alternatives for art and photos.

Y/our server here at does have rules that don't allow non-followers only NSFW sexual content but we do allow public posts w CW non-sexual nudity.

If NSFW sexual content is your then refer them to:

they're organized by color, idk if I'll keep them as spaced out as they are but I like it for now

I got one of these plastic boxes when I first got copics but have been having trouble finding them since, and I finally found a couple more

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:mastoart: •Art is officially closed to alt secondary accounts. If you’d like to make y/our home here then please feel free to request an invite thru me or a mod for your friends. All current alt accounts are absolutely supported but supporting the local timeline’s creators every day & boosting them organically to the greater Fediverse is appreciated.

Here's where I left off last night, going to try to finish this later today.

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