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🎢 Leave your weapon on the table, wrapped in burlap, barely able,
Don't get angry, don't discourage, take a shot of liquid courage 🎢

🎢 Leave a light on if you're able, 'cause we both know you're unstable
Call a doctor, say a prayer, choose a god you think is there 🎢


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Finished! I mostly drew her w/o clothes to get a feel for her build/pattern colors, but it's also handy in that if she changes clothes later, I can just draw over the base.

She is a WIZARD. The blue stripe used to be colored the same as the rest of her stripes, but once she started practicing magic, they started changing color to match her focus (she wears her arcane focus around her neck, which is a locket made from scales that her parents left her. Her name is written inside).

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Hey everyone, I'm Emily and I make an electric superteen webcomic called Blitz Phoenix!
I do mostly comic art, but occasionally post stand-alone illustrations.


going to stream for a bit over here, drawing pokemon again

come say hiiii~~~

Going to be streaming for a short while over here, drawing some pokemans

I posted these on another account yesterday but forgot to use the tag so I'm reposting them here today ayy a few updates because I haven’t been posting them here lately...! Read up and enjoy!

Going to try streaming on twitch for the first time! probably going to start off drawing pokemon, so come hang out

wtf my hands look older in that pic??


these pictures really aren't the best so here's another attempt for their color

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worked on the bookmark back tonight, had the idea to do her custom rune with some items that represented her. tried to work in snake fangs and eggs but it didn't really pan out, so went for a spell book cover design instead

not sure yet what color I want to put in her background but I'm getting close to done

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I had to read this and now so do you:

I never metapod I didn't like

Folks; it's a leap day. The sun is out. It's also flurrying. But what could be better than the soft launch of my comic Mirror's Omen !
Do check it out!

hdmi splitter question 

There's been a surge of new users today, many of them Portuguese speakers. Bem-vindo a todos! We're so happy you're here. :bob_ross:

New users, make sure you've read and agree to our CoC/ToS! Then make an post with some info about yourself so we can get to know you better!

Consider adding yourself to our Directory:

And don't hesitate to ask questions if you're unsure about something! We're here to help. :make_like_edmonia:

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