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Finished! I mostly drew her w/o clothes to get a feel for her build/pattern colors, but it's also handy in that if she changes clothes later, I can just draw over the base.

She is a WIZARD. The blue stripe used to be colored the same as the rest of her stripes, but once she started practicing magic, they started changing color to match her focus (she wears her arcane focus around her neck, which is a locket made from scales that her parents left her. Her name is written inside).

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Hey everyone, I'm Emily and I make an electric superteen webcomic called Blitz Phoenix!
I do mostly comic art, but occasionally post stand-alone illustrations.


Ilix sulking after that orc boy called her an idiot and implied her magic wasn't very good

Or rather she THINKS that's what he said, i mean let's be real nobody here speaks orcish and he doesn't speak common so she totally could be misunderstanding it but she's pRETTY SURE THAT'S WHAT HE SAID

Me: haha of course I'm attracted to *some* cis men!
My thought bubble: [images of Kass from Breath of the Wild]

yeah you can pet my bird he's a very nice wait hold on I lied

Hey guys!
So I'm super excited to be heading to Sweden in August, but unfortunately due to an unexpected expense my savings are pretty much gone and I still have to get food while I'm there!

This means I am opening
2 of which have already been filled!

DMs are open to those interested, and my ToS is here:

i finished the helmet i've been painting!! based on a major mitchell's cockatoo, but i went with pink/purple/white because this matches my rollerblades and skateboard.

the pink/purple paints apparently also glow under blacklight but i haven't tested to see how it came out

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