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Welcome, new users coming over from Twitter!

Mastodon is a bit different, and change is scary :artghost: so here are a couple of useful links to help get you settled in!

Best practices (we're a friendly community that recognises we're part of a diverse platform, and we do things in a way that promotes inclusivity and respect) >

General Mastodon guide and tips for how stuff works >


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First post here! Heard good things about Mastodon and wanted to give it a try, so hello to all you lovely people, here's me and some of my work. 💞 ✨

Omg I have been away for a while, Loving this new layout! Good job devs <3

New Hearthstone card released! Arcane Flakmage, for Saviours of Uldum expansion! <3

Those new Avengers: Endgame posters are amazing! Here is a quick study of Bucky's :)

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Hey, y'all-- Facebook recently announced they're launching a "Patreon killer" service.

Regardless of your thoughts on Patreon, FB's alternative is TERRIBLE!

⚠️ 30% gross revenue fee
⚠️ Automatic LIFETIME IP rights to ANYTHING you put on the service
even if you quit!
⚠️ FB wants to give discounts and freebies whenever they like, w/o creator approval, and then deduct it from creator revenue
⚠️ FB will also control WHO sees your content and how many views you have

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Hello everyone :D I'm Ursula Dorada, I'm a freelancer illustrator and I am quickly falling in love with Mastodon!
Have this month quick art piece <3


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