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Heya! I’m Sue, a visual artist based in Nashville. I’m at a stage of exploration and growth, working through chronic illnesses, and hope in time I can find my place.

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I guess this is an ? Hi all! I'm an that kinda jumps all over the place regarding style and subject. I have way too much to learn and I'm also in a weird place because of my chronic health+bad life situation, but doing my best! Hoping to get into the swing of things down the road.

You can learn more about me here:

I'm looking for folks to follow here and advice on how to master Mastadon!

Here's a few of my recent artwork as well! Cheers! ❤️

CW body horror? 

GOOD MORNING it's fake screencap time instead of actually writing 🎶

uhh treatise on genders/backstory lore and also colors coming soon but it's late n I wanna show off my lineart

Nice,'s Patreon is 66% funded to cover the hosting costs!

Folks, remember to see if your instance has a Patreon or equivalent, and if so, even a dollar a month across enough users can help!

OH so i unticked 'enabled advanced interface', and I think this is way better? idk if there's a con to this layout but now my brain can visually understand things easier XD

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Anyone have advice for changing this instance's layout? as much as i like the horizontal style, it just still throws me for a loop and rather just stay w/vertical scolling. I'm enjoying 'Toot!' on iOS but idk on options via PC/Firefox.

tired of Other Places and unconsciously supporting things that are not ok. sucks having to move, relearn, get out of my complacency—but rather be that change than continue the toxicity. i get frustrated w/others abt being unwilling to adapt (with anything), so gotta practice what i preach

it’s also a good time for me to rethink my social habits, whether art-wise or personal. i’m going to sorta let this simmer and figure out what i want/need over the course of the week

have missed you Mastodon!

It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary. ~ Mandy Hale

A link to a recent post on my Patreon. It’s pretty long/rambly, but I needed to get all this off my chest, explain where I am with my life and art. No pressure to read, but it’s there.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can work on a practical plan for my art, business, and related. Advice appreciated. <3

(hey oops sorry i had to reupload my portfolio day post due to a weird issue with the images, sorry :S )

Heya! I’m Sue, a visual artist based in Nashville. I’m at a stage of exploration and growth, working through chronic illnesses, and hope in time I can find my place.

i’m still on vacation so that’s why i haven’t been on, but can ppl share me their Portfolio Day toots? I’d love to see them and I def want to boost!

ultimately slow down. focus on the now. love and spend time with my gf most of all!!

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irl rambles 

this week is the week of hanging out with my girlfriend, resting, recharging, having fun, mildly figuring things out and organizing. so when I fly back home i’m hoping i can be somewhat more hopeful and be ready to tackle stuff. not naive to admit i’ll be completely changed or things will be better or worse but...i can do this.

end of month I pick back up with my art teaching, starting a small part-time grocery job, hoping to start drawing again, some step at a time.

i’m already out of spoons and in bed, so i may cheat and do follow friday tomorrow xD

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