It's a beautiful Sunday, so time for a walk in the park. Our world is growing. I'll show you more the next days.

My husband built this beautiful alley and community fields. I'm surprised myself but I actually like taking walks in this world.

More voxel models! My husband and I have decided on the two types of lanterns we want in the castle city. We really hope to present something great when he opens his Minetest server for the public. And yes, we did build various lanterns before we found the winners. :D

Small wip shot. I'm building a water reservoir for my husband in Minetest. He's setting up a super duper RPG server. You won't believe it until you've seen it. Lesson for me here: How do you learn how to create levels? By creating levels... welcome variety for my daily blender learning jollies.

Learning how to model characters at the moment! Failing every day, and it's actually fun, the results just aren't sharable/beautiful usually. But I really like this lady's attitude, so I'm sharing her with you!

Happy Halloween, you all!
My first competition piece in 3D. This was for Grant Abbitt's 21st century witch contest. I took part for the practise and got great and helpful feedback by Grant.

Made a little something for . Followed the tutorial by the great Grant Abbitt.

Yeah, I learned to value nature a lot more since I have a garden to tend to, so this resonates with me a lot.

You can find out more about this charity here:

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Woo! Second Chances, the remaster of ES2600FM tracks from the past, is now released at a dollar 😎

#RetroWave #Electro #Synthwave

My very first Blender character model. It looks...crooked, unfinished, and I kind of really enjoy that look.

If you want to see some artistic shots of it, I'll post them followers only.

The good things won't cease!
After you've seen my 3D Model of's time to reveal the base! I've drawn this piece for the Queer OC Zine last year and now finally can present it to you. (Zine is out!) This is my queer OC Rich just doing hacker things when a visitor pops up. I thought I'll present him in his everyday life, as he is not only defined by his sexual identity.

Don't forget!
@es2600fm has an upcoming fantastic synthwave album named "Second Chances"

I had the honor to make the cover.
Be fast, pre-orders are still open here:

Tapping into 90s game aesthetics again. Starting small to understand how girders work at all and how a hall could be lit.

More snapshots followers only for anyone who is interested .:D

Hello, dears!
I took some time of the weekend off to learn Blender...and surprisingly enough it worked. This is my very first own project, a retro 80s hacker cave! I'll post some more shots followers only to not clog the timeline :D

Inktober Day 18! My prompt list ends today with Rat King. I'll probably need the weekend to finish this one.

Was a great time, now I'm completely off the rails and working on my own terms.

Inktober Day 17 - Ridiculously sexy cyst lady doesn't exist and can't hurt you -
Ridiculously sexy cyst lady:

(also slowly giving up on ink, my process heavily relies on digital art, when I have to produce FAST like in inktober daily)

Day 13 - Chainsaw (sword)
Doing something different for a change and featuring a monster slayer instead of the monsters himself. Hahaha, what an experiment.

Day 12 of Inktober with daily monsters from an own prompt list. Today: DACHSHUND! With the friend who suggested this prompt as first victim :D

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