I could have sworn I was only away for a day!

And the streak continues.

If you want to check out the newest manuls, you can go to my insta (I have the same tag there as here), but don't worry, they'll all come here.

Today I have something very special for you, a four panel manul comic! Let me know whether this works with the UI and as a reading experience or not.

As the series progresses, the ideas get wilder. Inspired by the exceptionally good spring weather, here a manul honeybee, not having fun at it's job.

Do you have something like a thinking box you retreat to sometimes? This looks cozy.

When is the right time for tea time? Always! Slurrp! Are you a tea person? What teas do you enjoy at the moment?

Another idea how to cheer people up in a difficult situation like now... draw your friends! Here's me with some of mine. I'm the owl. And we all like Doom. A lot.

Sometimes you can do nothing but appreciate the little things in life. What made you happy today?

Dire times, dire measures.
I doubt a manul has an understanding of toilet paper, but hoards it either way because he saw others do it. Don't be like this 😄

I'm back! Sorry for the break. I absolutely died and dissolved and was reforged. Others call it going through being sick and moving places (temporarily), but doesn't the first one sound more...exciting?

How have you been? I missed you!

It's not even Sunday and you get a "Your Land" update already, lucky you! Things are moving, the next round of mods is implemented, another fun minigame is on the way. And I'm experimenting with a tent settlement in the desert.

If you want to know more, join or discord! Link in my bio.

Time for a Sunday update on our Minetest game "Your Land". While not all features are implemented, you can already sign in, explore the world and even claim a patch of land to build your house on it already!

If you want to know more, join our discord. (Link in my bio)

80s attack!
That era is my mothership, so something like this here was bound to happen. In heavy appreciation of Duran Duran's John Taylor.

I once saw this probably dead man in a dream. He introduced himself as Mark and very politely asked me to draw him. I had no time back then and he said he would wait. He did.

Hello on this beautiful Sunday again, it's time for a . This week I personally built the graveyard & crypt. The project enters a critical phase now where everything comes together...

By the way! If you want to take a look into Your Land/Haven yourself and join the community early, why don't you join our discord? (1 day link)


CW: spider

And the final piece of spider appreciation week! Spider used "surf"!

Thanks for joining me in this fun adventure!

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