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Alright, these remasters are going to have official cover art done by @Styxcolor and released in a few weeks

Thinking of titling them maybe something like 'Second Chances' as these are 3 tracks that I personally feel should have had more exposure, and now they're going to get it

Thank you for all the love and support and hello to all new followers!

Be smart and do not ignore hand pain. I have to take a forced rest at the moment, but I should be back soon.

Day 34 of
Prompt: knife.
Became personal and turned into a self-portrait. Although it might not look like it, I have forgiven myself.

Last day of
Anything goes - so I redrew Michael, the roadtrip bug person, a cryptic inktober piece from 2017. Ah, and when at it, made a fake movie poster out of it.

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Alright folks, the time is nigh!

We are officially launching our! With rewards including early access, exclusive art and stories, voting rights and even personal sketches, we hope you'll enjoy what we've put together!👻

Plus! Anyone who pledges between now and October 1 will receive an exclusice sticker (pictured below) mailed to them in celebration of the launch!

Day 23 of

"Living weapon", starring the guy from day 21 and some other allstars who at least survived one day of this month. They are growing together into a story.

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