I completed the 100 days of making comics challenge today!!
But instead of making daily videos I blogged.

Enjoy the finale of the journey here and a whole backlog of the journey lurks one click away:


What kept me busy over the weekend and beyond? When I'm not drawing fluffy cats I'm working on a webcomic. Recently, I started taking more care about the environments. Here's the epic first two shots of chapter 2 combined!

Read the comic for free on my website:

Hey, it's Godzilla's birthday! Thanks to the King of Monsters and it's makers for all the memories.

Manul overslept and now is at your door for the halloween party. What do you mean it's November?

I created Manul the big, mean but loveable pallas cat, in the beginning of the first lockdown earlier this year to cheer up friends and family and everyone who needs it right now.

As Germany goes back into a second lockdown, Manul returns for a third season to entertain you if you need entertainment and distraction right now.

You can find more of Manul artworks here or in on my website.

How about something decently creepy so close to halloween? Here's a foot anatomy monster. I guess it is more weird than scary, but an interesting sight nonetheless.

Expanding my horizon with this rather uncommon illustration for myself.

Bear and messers, what can go wrong? A present for a dear friend.

Time for another Among Us fanart! This time it's me (as the big chungus in the background) and some reoccuring own characters from my art blog, all as crewmembers of Among Us. No idea who the impostor could be.

If you want to know more about the blog, it's here and aaall about my comicmaking and art:

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It got a bit quiet around me as I was experimenting even wilder than usual. I'm taking part in the challenge.
Have the compilation of week 1.
And I have just finished week 3, so there's a lot to read and look at in my blog:


Why not sharing instantly? I wasn't sure I would have the stamina to do the challenge. But now I can announce without doubts. I'm doing this.

By the way, hello to all of you who recently followed me! I'm speechless. Would you like a raffle, my dears?

When you really really REALLY like the color red and Doom Eternal. The skins are just wonderful.

I had to take a little break for health reasons, but now I'm fit again and ready for more art! Tried something completely new today.

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