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part 2
Here are some examples of my latest

Just in case...
I love and illustrate , , , and stuff (my guilty pleasure)

in my own retro .

Will be offering commissions again by the end of June, up to then already plate full. You're awesome.

is off for more than just a brief moment. What's happening?

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Had some free time on the evening yesterday, so have this forest cat.

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Hey mastodon people I'm new here, and I like drawing environments. I also like the band mastodon so I'm obviously meant to be here.

I aspire to be a concept artist one day.

I mostly spend my time drilling fundamentals, trying to get better.

I've been drawing/painting since about 2014 but I never really took it seriously(doing all the not so fun practice) until this year.

Here is some of my art.

and I was told to put:

See ya around.

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T a g s d o n' t m a t t e r o n Y o u T u b e a n y m o r e . . .

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body horror Show more

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So @ChrisTalleras has been bothering me for months to make a mastadon and here I am now...

I'm just an artist who wants to become a concept artist in the gaming industry or illustrator. I love making character designs and mechanical stuff so I draw mostly cyborgs and such .

an exmaple of my work.

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and especially players, I need your help! I'm about to start on a Hunks of D&D magazine project and could use your help matching races to classes!

Read more about it on the poll:

Wow, sometimes I really think I could give master courses in procrastination. And I still get stuff done! Most often it's just not a pleasant experience. Or is that the core secret of getting stuff done? The pain of doing it?


By the way, I worked hard and finished my first comic storyboard that is good enough to push on and make it into a comic. Stuff is getting serious.

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dug this up while backing up my hard drive- my first horror comic from 2011 [1/2] (bodyhorror)

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Adventures in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(The finished page is up now: :D)

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You know someones put some thought into it when theyre here and about it, anything theyre into

You dont just have a mastodon account, you come to here because what youre looking for is just not in the other places

A dose of unconditional fanlove, free for everyone:


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The Van Gogh Museum has digitalised and made available for download 986 of his paintings for non-commercial use! And there's contact information if you'd like to use it for commercial projects. A PDF with terms and conditions can be downloaded if you click the download button on a painting.

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Hey! A company that makes the lion's share of their revenue by selling your personal data to advertisers is making a city! WHAT COULD GO WRONG!

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The problem - final part

My conclusion is more questions than answers.

It's not wrong to be able to have a good living in the current system. No good living, no creatives at all.

It's wrong to punish innovation. But there is a high probability to never be reimbursed for the risks.

Nobody is at fault, when something new does not work out. Mistakes are as valuable as successes. We learn from them. Yet, people usually aren't paid for failing.

But will you come through the ?