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I have a ko-fi now and new art is in preparation! If you want to support this madness, consider buying me the equivalent of a coffeinated drink!

Okay! Settling things!
Have a comic page about what happened to our mage/alchemist last dnd session...

Do you remember Steve from August last year (Monster Month)?
Today's prompts was showing an old work that fits the spirit of the challenge.

Day 3 of the
Prompt 3: "an abomination"
And then the day comes when reality is more abominable than the imaginary horror monsters you're drawing.

Introducing my very first

day 2 "It's up to you" ... so it's a cursed earthworm pin-up with a censorship grassroot. It's gross? Could it be an...abomination?

By the way, dear Mastodon, would you like me to make an exclusive giveaway for you anytime? I think I'll have a bit of spare time in May for that.

Oh no, the soldiers from my sketchbook are finally crossing over- or just infecting all my art, can't help, love drawing 'em. This was the last piece of a giveaway series, character by author shaydurz on birdsite.

Another giveaway character sketch! This is Vienna Rose Montgomery by author Mae Bright. Can't wait until the book drops. Necromancy in the 40s. Thrilling!!

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Giveaway sketch. This character, genderfluid druid Lucca, belongs to Alchemist and Druid.

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Something different! Made this cyborg P.I. for author Mark Renshaw over on birdsite. Still working on the big illustration for the bjornament.

Just a quick text only update - I grinded enough for my competition illustration to get one of these "What have you been doing all those years, it wasn't illustrations or even drawing" moments. Just a regular part of the journey, fellow artists. Let's move on until the skill catches up with perception and knowledge again.

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