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part 2
Here are some examples of my latest

Just in case...
I love and illustrate , , , and stuff (my guilty pleasure)

in my own retro .

Will be offering commissions again by the end of June, up to then already plate full. You're awesome.

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my primary way of dealing with grief is memes so have a new icon i made for my account

Topic: measure

A quick sketch illustration of my favourite measurement unit: duck power! Horsepower was yesterday!

CW: comic gun + machete

topic: POWER

My take on something I wanted to do since a very long time...a Far Cry Blood Dragon Fanart! Even as a sketch...I love it so much. Power? Rex Colt! AHH!!

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The Atlantan cities on the Pacific coastal are a hot touring location for their vibrant nightlife and moderate weather during the cold seasons of other areas. One of the most popular attractions is the Outunders where sand eruptions provide a calming backdrop to the many bar and restaurant patrons.

#MaySketchaDay / #Mermay

Topic: stubborn

Yeah, when the cat decides that nothing is more important than giving the cat attention right now.

CW for non-cute zombies

Hello, you all! I'm sorry that I missed out the last days. Here's the reason why. I'm turning this into a full fledged artwork for an artbook right now. And it takes time, but so worth it!

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There's some cleaning up to do, and a quick spot of shading, and "Pets" will be done!

I like to think the crocodile's name is Pudge. He has a boo-boo.

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We are halfway through it ;)
I don't know for you, but i'm having great fun.
So FUN will be our topic for today.
Eeeeerrrrr.....FUN! HAVE FUN! ;)

Hmm, I really missed out one pic from the yesterday. I hope to do the "stubborn" themed sketch until the end of this week.

topic: dreams
And as CountZero suggested, why not a Freudian approach like the surrealists.

I love daydreaming with a brush in my hand! When I don't think anything in particular, I'll almost always create monster like this one or creepier.

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Today's topic is DREAM(S).
*very freudian voice* Tell me all about yours, and i'll tell you how insane you are.😉

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My cat threw my drawing tablet from my desk in the middle of the night °-° but everything is a-okay and working, phew

✨ Webcomic:

Will I miss out today 😱
I still have a ton of other work left to do...

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A co-organiser at DjangoCon Europe, Sasha, wrote a post about volunteer burnout, how conference organising has changed, and what issues we face as a community:

Working with Sasha has always been a pleasure and I understand completely where she is coming from. I don't have any answers either.

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"Toward the aftermath, the main question is What will be left of advertising—and what it supports—after the adtech bubble pops?"

"Adtech is built to undermine the brand value of all the media it uses"

"Adtech spies on people and violates their privacy. By design."

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Topic for today will be STUBBORN.
Because the more i draw & learn, the more i feel you gotta be to keep at it 😉

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Dear artists out there!

You can still participate in the here on Mastodon.

@CountZero gives us daily themes.

Come, have fun, meet new people and get seen. Also, it's mermay compatible, so you don't have to sacrifice anything if you don't have the time for two separate challenges this May.

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watercolour pet portrait for my friend

those are catnip flowers!!!

#mastoart #creativetoots