It got a bit quiet around me as I was experimenting even wilder than usual. I'm taking part in the challenge.
Have the compilation of week 1.
And I have just finished week 3, so there's a lot to read and look at in my blog:

Why not sharing instantly? I wasn't sure I would have the stamina to do the challenge. But now I can announce without doubts. I'm doing this.

By the way, hello to all of you who recently followed me! I'm speechless. Would you like a raffle, my dears?

When you really really REALLY like the color red and Doom Eternal. The skins are just wonderful.

I had to take a little break for health reasons, but now I'm fit again and ready for more art! Tried something completely new today.

Now that's my sort of kaiju!
Behold the mighty Manulzilla who is more of a threat to the food infrastructure of a place than the population.

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