Day 14 of - Crystal Guardian for "Crystalline"

Today I switched from sculpting with a mouse to sculpting with a graphics tablet and it does make a difference.

Day 13 of - Folklore.

I chose the Bavarian "Nachtgiger", a chicken creature that eats children who dare to play on the streets after 10 PM. The Nachtgiger can't enter houses, so children who return home in time are safe.

It's Sunday, so time for a again! City Haven has sewers now! Walk off into the darkness at your own risk...

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First illustrated haiku of 2020/first one done (mostly) in procreate :0 CW for mild (?) body horror/eye contact 

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Day 05 of - Procrastination. I really feel that piece. LC probably set out to paint all this in a day but then took a break for 10 hours.

It's Sunday, so time for another in our wip RPG server "Your Land".

This time I chose to show the mighty front of our "church", a holy place in which nature and the mighty default building cube is worshipped and you will be able to buy enchantments for items and more.

Day 4 of - Rigid.
Don't worry, the little bird will be fine! The robot surely just wants to pat it on the head.

Sculpt January 02 - Machine.

I had problems with my internet yesterday, so here you go today with my take on that! Hard surface sculpting a thing apparently. I'm happy to have stumbled over it and will def be exploring that and other interesting things when January is over.

A new year begins! I had a surprising chance to do something for my resolution to up my Blender game immediately...taking part in sculpt January! Let's see how far I'll come! Day 1 - Spectral character

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