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🌿 Wraithe - Commission 🌿

Commission of a sylvari necromancer summoning his minions. 💀

Wacom Intuos 4 M + Photoshop + Corel Painter

Took the time to finish this piece. My goal was to find a way to make drawing a bunch of crates fun. To me, adding a layer of storytelling did the trick. A rural monastery in medieval England just got a delivery from London via river boat. Now they have to check whether the shipment is complete.

Hey, it's time for !
I'll keep it at this piece. Good luck and have fun to everyone who does the full month :D

Fellow beginner comic creators! I have a treat for you! As I'm working on the third chapter of my own webcomic, I made a blogpost with some condensed basic comic knowledge learned from it. Enjoy!

When do you know it's spring? When the cats don't only demand to have the door open to have an OPTION to go outside...but when they actually DO go out.

Studies from nature, painted over at home! It was so early, nature is just getting ready for spring! Do you like going for walks?

Sneak peak into some of my current design homework. This week was and is all barrels and crates. And the pressure from the deadlines is big!

I'm not dead, I just got a concept art gig and went back to (online) school...and as you can imagine that took up all my time over the past weeks. I didn't even mean to just leave social media behind. You just don't have time for communicating when all you do is sleep and work.

I hope I can share more in the future again and also see more of your journey.

I worked on my art skills when I was taking a break from my comic. Do "Draw 200 of ..." art challenges work? For me it's working out well!

I learned an important lesson today and wanted to share with my fellow creatives!

Are you struggling brutally right now, confused how many compromises you should make to bring the money and the creative side of your career together? This blog entry does not tell you what to do, who am I to tell you what to do, but maybe this inspires you to look for your own answers:

Hello, how are you all doing? I've been chipping away at gamedev work and am currently preparing chapter 3 of my webcomic.

CW: violence, blood 

My webcomic just got deadly. I don't know, this can only be a reason to celebrate in a slasher horror webcomic posing as a romance...which my comic is. Now it is legit, haha.

Got a quick commission today and finished it already! Could you need an illustration like this, too?

CW: blood, slasher tropes

That is what making comics does to your art. I wonder where we will be in one year!

And if you want to read the full comic, it's on here and it's a wild thing that insists to be a romance while a lot of people are chopped up left and right...

Arttrade piece for my friend Fera Feles from Instagram. Her original character Viola Blackwood.

I am guest on a comics podcast tonight! Tune in later if you want to hear us talk about commissions, webcomics and cats! Meow!

Hello, you all! Things are happening at such a speed that it is hard to keep up!

My husband and I released our Minetest server - sandbox fantasy RPG! Hop on and discover "Your Land"! It's free and FOSS.
A blogpost how to get started when you are new at Minetest and the address of the server:

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