Time for a Sunday update on our Minetest game "Your Land". While not all features are implemented, you can already sign in, explore the world and even claim a patch of land to build your house on it already!

If you want to know more, join our discord. (Link in my bio)

80s attack!
That era is my mothership, so something like this here was bound to happen. In heavy appreciation of Duran Duran's John Taylor.

I once saw this probably dead man in a dream. He introduced himself as Mark and very politely asked me to draw him. I had no time back then and he said he would wait. He did.

Hello on this beautiful Sunday again, it's time for a . This week I personally built the graveyard & crypt. The project enters a critical phase now where everything comes together...

By the way! If you want to take a look into Your Land/Haven yourself and join the community early, why don't you join our discord? (1 day link)


CW: spider

And the final piece of spider appreciation week! Spider used "surf"!

Thanks for joining me in this fun adventure!

CW: Spider
Have another one! I decided to do a last one tomorrow and then spider appreciation week is over again. What a fun ride. Expect some cool new character art the upcoming weeks. Working hard in the background.

Another arttrade piece! Lisa, a mischievous apprentice witch for my artist friend Adam (unfortunately not here on Mastodon) I like how I can get outside of my comfort zone, make someone happy in the process and discover new things for my own art.

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Here is my half on an art trade I did with the wonderful @Styxcolor!

It features their character's LC and boyfriend Fungal sharing a sweet moment in a mushroom grove.

They're both so adorable, and I had a blast drawing them. Be sure to pop over to Styx's account to learn more about these cuties and their adventures! :)

# MastoArt

It's Sunday so time for another - this time with a screenshot from the throne room of the castle of Haven. Must have been an interesting regent who left this behind!

Our Minetest RPG server "Your Land" is still under construction. I hope that I can present more updates to you soon, especially when the NPCs drop.

Arttrade piece for @AlchemistDruid with their characters Allistair and Tsuga in a peaceful moment. It was a pleasure to make this. I hope you like them!
Check out Alchemist & Druids acc, everyone has lore, and there's more to discover.

It's Sunday, so it's time for another . Nature has taken a share back of the church in Haven or possible always was welcome within these walls.

It's Sunday, so time for another ...although today we are looking at a !
A staircase leading up to our brand new planetarium. The server is coming together. I'll keep you updated when we are ready for an official launch!

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