These are some stylized landscapes I made. They all feature a waterfall.

@Strijboll Very nice. They remind me a bit of Samurai Jack’s backgrounds

@Strijboll These are lovely! I think it's clever how you've used a lot of straight lines, sharper shapes than those typically seen in nature, but the overall impression is still very much of natural forms. Beautiful colours and stylization.

@Strijboll the first one reminded me of the map of Australia!

@Strijboll that looks cool. I can almost see a cute styleful indie game in it

@TheStroyer Oh maby one day it will be! thamks! would be cool.

@Strijboll they are very good, the darker one reminds me of Rivendell.

@Strijboll I really like your work and hope to see more of it here at Mastodon. Have you already tried pixelfed as an alternative to Instagram?

@buzzgraeger hi, thank you. I do not know this one I will check it out!

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