I made this digital painting this morning as a warm up.

I am rewatching game of thrones. I really wanted to sketch a three-eyed raven this morning.

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“We are naught but bones and dreams, Childe.” His voice came like the shifting of gravel within the earth, old trees crackling in the depths of a forest, a timeworn call from deep within his chest. Eyes stained with moss, blind to what was before him, seeing all that had come before. In the distance, the forest echoed with a rattling of hollow remains in the wandering breeze.
Pencil, graphite powder, gouache

I posted some of my stylized waterfalls yesterday. These are other ones I made.

These are some stylized landscapes I made. They all feature a waterfall.

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Hi 🌟 !
I'm Coliandre, a belgian artist and illustrator living in France.
I paint Fantasy and Faery stuff.

I've worked on many fields: comics books (Alice in wonderland, Soufflevent), children books, boardgames (like Mysterium, Dixit, Abyss), novel covers.

I also have my little worlds, such as "The Little Witches" or the "Dracofungus".

#introduction #art #mastoart #illustration

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I made some owl sketches today. This one I finished digitally.

This is an illustration I made yesterday. I wanted to experiment with some textures.

This illustration means a lot to me. This one won the Namoo challenge. A challenge hosted by Eric oh and Bobby Chiu. It was an honour to listen to the feedback they gave me.

Hi, my first post on Mastodon! This was an important illustration for me. I figured out a lot of techniques with this one.


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