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"For I dipt into the future, Far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, And all the wonder that would be"

Looking for your path - night session -


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Love to mix herbs, thyme, rosemary, paprika, garlic, salt and chili's.

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Inside and outside view of The Photographers Gallery in London (Need a lot of practice until I even dream to have my name here ^^ ;)
The Sherlock Holmes Pub in London
and a butterfly from the Natural History Museum of London ^^

Woww so sorry, It's been a long long time... :(
Work has been very very busy and health should have been better ^^

I am glad to be back... and with some example of my FujiXt2 taming ;)

Nantes, La Loire, and the Elephant of Les Machines de l'Ile

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I accidentally made a ghost on this page whoops

Sorry, little guy, not yet

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oups sorry wrong link in the last post for the album with the entire session ( wrong copy and paste 😜 )

My Fuji XT2 and me have begun to learn about each other ^^ I think it is the beginning of a wonderful bromance ;)

The entire session here :)

Wanted to share my dance of joy with you ❤️ bless my boss 😍
But now no excuses anymore... I gave me 5 years to participate at The Gacilly international exhibition ... lot of work and practise to do ... ... ...

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