I've spent the last handful of years working as the Lead Background Designer on Cartoon Network's , making stuff like this!

@SteSug Your work is amazing, finally more people to follow here! ;D


"That's really accurate fan art!"

"... Oh, thats actually Steven!"

(welcome to unshitty Twitter!)

@SteSug 1) - that's awesome. 2) - I'm like 85% certain that "Steven designer on background Universe" is a joke, but I desperately want background universe to be a one shot webcomic or a visual novel of something.

@SteSug aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YAY!!!! You are great and your work is great!

@SteSug I'm really curious how long a background takes? These backgrounds are perfect. *o*

@Otherbuttons Thank you!! I aim for around three backgrounds a day! Big keys like these take a bit longer– maybe a day or so.

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