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holy fucking shit yoshi p don't murder him like this (ffxiv spoilers a little)

If NFTs were really about supporting digital artists then you should just send your favorite artists money. That is the least mediated most useful material way to support their practice.

heh. foolish [unsheathes my blade] your fate was sealed the instant you tried to debate me

Something I drew for myself between work-work and playing commission catch-up.
I hope to color it soon.

Is down or did it get completely deleted?

Pretty sad that I'm gonna have to disappear yet again soon because I have to write my thesis but I am still going to eye this place from time to time

Long time no post!
Gonna drown this acct in new drawings now.
Styredza in a maid suit as voted by my Patrons!

another commission! haven't rendered anything for quite a while, but i think i got the gist of it

Twitch, a PSA, :boost_requested: 

If you're active on twitch and especially a streamer and SUPER especially a streamer of a marginalized identity, check your chats for someone going by a variant of "hoss00312". We've had to ban about 7 different versions now, and they've started sending out follows and stuff. We have no proof but believe them to be a forward scouting force for hate raids.

If you're not sure if someone in your channel is a bot, there's a site for that.

Trying out at the beach (Spiekeroog island, North Sea, East Frisia, Germany).
Looks like visiting planets in an early release of

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