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The Skyk are in-depth as a race, and this is just the life cycle explained. If I have the time I will try and break down their societal behaviours as well.

Sorry for the teeny little text, i was trying to fit as much lore as i could into this piece. Hope it comes out okay on everyone else’s end.

I don't draw the Lupin the Third characters quite like this anymore for my fan comics, but I still like these old headshots 👏👏👏

Extremely funny when companies release a statement that they hear their employees and want to make things better on the same day they retain the services of a union busting outfit.

more like shit megami tensei *an army of angry nerds burns my house down*

y'all really respect count cidolfus orlandeau after he said this

I've published my FAQ for new players on a Lodestone blog entry. If you've recently started playing the game, consider giving it a read.

another commission! haven't rendered anything for quite a while, but i think i got the gist of it

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