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The year is coming to an end tomorrow, so it's a good time as any to write a short summary.

This year was... busy. Zine, diploma, pandemic, family issues, dealing with depression and stress. Lots of gaps in this art summary. But at the end, it really did turn around.

Thank you guys for the support you've been giving me this year, I am really grateful. It's a very heartwarming feeling to have, a feeling that someone cares about what you make. ❤️

Will I or won't I manage to finish last Ace Attorney game in the OG trilogy by the end of the year... the mystery

What's the best Android app for Mastodon/Fediverse? I wanna spend more time here

Wish didn't have multiple data centers for the same region. I understand having separate data centers for Japan, North America, and Europe, but I hate that I can't play with my friends who are also in North America, but on a different data center.

also heres a portrait of my ffziv character except human and contemporary #ffxiv #art

The Bird in the Cage

The bird in the cage wants to fly free.
The original character and her line sketch are created from my friend NGRM.

Material: Photoshop, Krita, GIMP

I got a new mattress and I can already feel the relief from 7 year strong lower back problems

been rping this girl a lot lately... also managed to score a boyfriend on ffxiv so ??? there's that???

I'm moving out next March, so I'll be opening 5 commission slots in January

If you wish to get on a waitlist and be contacted as soon as I open, DM me!

$40 is the cheapest option atm.

My prices + ToS:

My project load:

FFXIV is a dollmaker, disguised as a JRPG, disguised as an MMO. in that order

The thing that annoys me about videogame remasters is that they rarely remaster games that are old, broken and/or inaccessible enough to actually warrant it.

Demon's Souls? That's a good choice. Not that old, but it was pretty niche at the time and wasn't even released in a lot of places.

Mass Effect? I can play that on my PC or Xbone right now. It's dirt cheap and even the original looks fine, certainly not bad enough to be distracting.

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