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so proud of how this one came out, i'm really liking this new drawing technique!!

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my own hubris forces me to learn to draw abs
kinda poggers. kinda

Okay I didn’t like the sketch I did yesterday so I redraw and it’s waaay better
But I’m super slow sigh

i keep making new drawings while not finishing previous ones so ill just keep throwing wips at you

god knows how many times i had to redo this face and i'm really proud how it turned out in the end!

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big social media gets me really exhausted so i might stick to this place instead for a while
i hope people would chill without having argumets/spilling salt for like 5 minutes

Getting real tired of people using the language of social justice to play out their own moral-superiority fantasies by making people feel bad for making the best of a bad situation

Today's example: shaming poor people for shopping at Walmart. Yes, Walmart is an awful company. But if shopping there is what it takes for someone to survive the plutocratic hellscape we live in, maybe they're not the people you should be looking down your nose at

You're not "contributing to oppression" by buying food where you can best afford to do so

A LOT of stuff happened while I was gone everywhere
Got accepted to zine with a super cool idea: each artist was assigned a certain verse from the song Answers and drew illustration for it.
Pre-orders should start somewhere in August!
They don't have a mastodon sadly but they do have
Here's a crop from my page, DRAGONS:

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