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This is of Patema from the movie "Patema Inverted" that I did in mid-2018. I like the gradient on her hair, and the texture it creates. I think the out-of-focus background is pretty. In the future, I'd like to try also putting out-of-focus objects in the foreground to give an even greater sense of depth.

NGL I really like and I'm really excited for because instead of focusing on depressing parts of being an artist it emphasizes wild imagination and beauty of creative process in itself.

And it really matters to me because life bench-presses your creativity greatly (do what you have to do so your viewers are happy, self-doubt etc) that seeing something so indulgent is refreshing and inspiring. It makes me wanna create as well

Another .Art reminder:

Artwork featuring non-sexual nudity may be posted publicly, as long as it is CW'd.

And please remember to describe (even briefly) what the CW is for! 🙂

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Just watched two first episodes of Hands off Eizouken!
This show feels hella fresh and awesome especially for a slice-of-life show, worth checking out

Last Boost: Watched my bf play it while we chilled, asked if there's Ukraine, they were like "oh no there isn't, but I think there's a DLC that came out yesterday"
So we check it out
Still not Ukraine

everytime i've brought up the truck simulator game to my european friends, every single one of them was viscerally upset when i told them i didn't start in their country

Gender Blue Edition and Gender Red Edition, and the more elusive Gender Yellow Edition

The fund raising is complete!! Thank you everyone for your support and sharing!! I reached out for help on many social media websites, and Mastodon was the most helpful ☺️

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I gasped SO LOUD today after receiving $225 from @sinistar 😭 ✨
Thank you so much for such a generous donation, this feels surreal!!!

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Hello! I have unfortunate news: my laptop died completely and I'm $200 short

Due to this I'm making a 25% discount on Flat type commissions.
You can also send me a ko-fi instead

Thank you for your attention and continued support

All commissions will be finished once I get new tech

Got some donations from Mastodon users, thank you so much!! ❤️

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