Hello! I have unfortunate news: my laptop died completely and I'm $200 short

Due to this I'm making a 25% discount on Flat type commissions.
You can also send me a ko-fi instead

Thank you for your attention and continued support

All commissions will be finished once I get new tech

:bob_ross: starstrider.carrd.co

Commission for @ yokune!
Had so much fun with this one, drawing fellow feral au ra always feels like Christmas morning

So I saw the spacey abyss in DRK quest and of course my first instinct is to make some cool ass screenshots

Also I can't believe there's Bartok fucking Magnificent giving you Moogle tribe quests.

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Light HW DRK story spoiler 

Heavensward DRK quest is dark fantasy Disney and I've waited for this kinda concept since 1982

New art New art New art
Rendering this took quite some while but I'm so pleased with the result ;_;

Crop from the current :3c
Full pic can be seen at my Patreon.
I also decided to open :hot_sauce: 2 commission slots :hot_sauce:, both links are in the description, hmu if interested!!

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