First attempt at making a tutorial
Feel free to ask me questions or tag me if you end up using it!
Obligatory I'm not an expert, just a dude sharing bits

y'all really respect count cidolfus orlandeau after he said this

another commission! haven't rendered anything for quite a while, but i think i got the gist of it

kept seeing cat ears on his final ascension art so I had to get it out of my system

Long time no post!
Gonna drown this acct in new drawings now.
Styredza in a maid suit as voted by my Patrons!

I'm opening commissions on Jan 15th!
If you want to get one, fill out this Google form and I'll contact you on date mentioned.

I have 4/5 slots left, will update more as they get taken.
Boosts are appreciated! :boost_ok:


tos & more info:

The year is coming to an end tomorrow, so it's a good time as any to write a short summary.

This year was... busy. Zine, diploma, pandemic, family issues, dealing with depression and stress. Lots of gaps in this art summary. But at the end, it really did turn around.

Thank you guys for the support you've been giving me this year, I am really grateful. It's a very heartwarming feeling to have, a feeling that someone cares about what you make. ❤️

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