@StarStrider These are just absolutely good! Do you mind if i take inspiration?

@jaimie what kind of inspiration? One of these character's in one of my friend's so I'm not at the liberty to give permission

@StarStrider Ahh, mostly *just* style! I'm blown away by the tiny little savoured hue and luminosity contrasts & facial expressions in both characters' depictions; They can't be more perfected :ablobcatheart:
FYI, Ripping your designs off is none of my interest :ablobcatbongo: but since i'm better in understanding colour theory than implementing it, the word blatant may come to mind as one'd will to examine palette usage. Oh btw the ears are cute & I will steal 'em ntl 😅

@jaimie I can share a few shading tips if you'd like!
Whenever I have to use a multiply layer I play around with the opacity and make sure the color I apply is bright (e.g. light pink), otherwise it gets too much contrast
And vice versa with screen layer for highlights: I use the darkest shades of color (e.g. desaturated dark yellow)
Do you use CSP or PS?

@StarStrider Oh my, thanks for the tip! That *will* come in handy in the near future as i'll eventually start messing with heavier highlighting. For now I've just used "inverse" filters /w a "divide" blend mode set to low opacity. (Sounds gross and it is, but it does manage not to overlighten white colours :shrug: )
Oh, and as a responce to your question, I'm a Krita user, though access to Photoshop is available. Never had to touch Clip Studio.

@jaimie so IDK if Krita has this feature, but both PS and CSP have gradient layers. If you find / make some funky gradients yourself, you can use use them either as they are (normal layer mode) or what I usually do is I choose a gradient, make layer Color mode and play with the opacity. Really helps to even out the color palette if I mess it up (but is not a panacea sadly)
I hope you'll have fun with this and good luck!

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