Hello! I have unfortunate news: my laptop died completely and I'm $200 short

Due to this I'm making a 25% discount on Flat type commissions.
You can also send me a ko-fi instead

Thank you for your attention and continued support

All commissions will be finished once I get new tech

Got some donations from Mastodon users, thank you so much!! ❤️

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I gasped SO LOUD today after receiving $225 from @sinistar 😭 ✨
Thank you so much for such a generous donation, this feels surreal!!!

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The fund raising is complete!! Thank you everyone for your support and sharing!! I reached out for help on many social media websites, and Mastodon was the most helpful ☺️

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@sinistar oh no... I can delete it if you want, felt unfair to not express my gratitude D:

@StarStrider Mastodon pretty much singlehandedly bought me glasses late last year. People here covered the entire price that wasn't covered by my insurance.

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